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Found 5 results

  1. Skyrim-stormcloaks

    PLEASE READ FULL TOPIC BEFORE COMMENTING,THANK YOU. I was watching a video about this topic and i found this post in the comments, the video was about how the stormcloaks were like a kinda kkk white's are best super rasict ect,ect. so i thought i'd share it here (i don't think anyone else cares,) so here it is: (sorry its really long) One of the biggest misconceptions people have about the Stormcloaks is that they are racist, this is utterly untrue, they dislike people who prey upon the innocent and they are primarily Nord, as such they tend to be suspicious of outsiders at first. The comment many Nord guards, both imperial and Stormcloak say about the Orc strongholds being an affront to their people is rightly justified, just go to one of these strongholds as any race other than orc without being accepted as blood kin and they tell you how much you are not welcome and that they only respect their own kind. The dunmer, you said Greyquarter and ended the comment with that, but you do not know the story, you glanced as the cover of the book and judged it from the artwork. The dunmer who were welcomed into Windhelm during the red year kept to themselves, not wanting to associate with the nords who they saw as being beneath them, most of them moved into the area known as the snow quarter until eventually they were the only people that lived in that section of the city, they viewed this total occupation as a victory for their kind. a century and a half later when the Civil war broke out and people were called upon to aid the hold, the Dunmer held to the old decree of monument which permits Dunmer to be self-governed and untithed to any hold, this decree was meant to give them support while they were refugees and was never meant to be permanent, but it wasn't specified so an exploit they had found. well, Ulfric played their own game against them, they enjoyed non taxed living in windhelm and had not to pay any honour to the community, but they were to be self governed as long as they held to that Decree, as such Ulfric generously relinquished ownership of the Snow quarter to the dunmer population, they were now the governing authority there and as such the government of windhelm would no longer interfere with their conduct... including maintenance, which the dunmer saw as being beneath them to do, so in protest did nothing and quickly descended into Squalor. The Argonians were treated amazingly well by Ulfric, no he didn't make them slaves to work on the dock, they found their jobs on their own, and their treatment is fully based on and implemented by their manager Suvaris Atheron, who in her journal mentions she starves them and she constantly remarks how lazy and useless they are... you should know Suvaris, she's the Dunmer woman arguing with two Nords the first time you enter Windhelm. Sorry, a bit of a rabbit trail there, back to Ulfric, he provided a shelter in the packed city of Windhelm for them, it was an unused warehouse converted to a type of homeless shelter for them, spending a little time in there and you can see, it's not bad, even some of the conversations that come up about it being not much but being better than living on the streets... "*Living* on the Streets"! even a nord finds it cold on the streets of windhelm, can you imagine amphibians like the argonians out there? I imagine them huddled around the fires, in the morning a wagon coming by to carry away those who froze to death over night... is the shelter that bad, no! Don't forget that the argonians are not forbidden from entering the city, just from living on the streets inside the walls, much like homeless people are forbidden from living in ATM rooms at banks, and even in the game you can sometimes see Argonians in the city, even one mentioning going to the market. You said the Stormcloaks hate the Altmer, this is untrue, they hate the thalmor who just so happen to be Altmer, infact Ulfricrecently sold a house in windhelm to an Altmer woman, and a very respected Alchemist in Windhelm is also Altmer, the two stable masters have no complaints (well, his wife doesn't like how boring horses are xD). To say the Stormcloaks hate the Altmer race based on their hate of the thalmor is like saying someone hates white people if they hate the nazis. Now about the Stormcloaks redeeming characteristics, how about their opposition to the dominion and quest to bring freedom and equality to all the people of Skyrim, yes the are nationalistic, many call this patriotism, it is not a bad quality, they stand for the freedom of their land and the right to govern it free of the empire, some people say the Stormcloaks will kick all people who are not Nord out of the country or make them a lower cast in society, what we see from the Stormcloaks is quite the opposite, and argonian becomes the steward of a hold as well as a dunmer, these are high positions to be held by an outsider and clearly show they do not judge on race, a few notable Stormcloaks even mention You do not have to be a Nord to fight for Skyrims freedom, and even recommend you go to windhelm to join in the fight, also they have no mistrust of outsiders (Ralof and Solaf). Now your character, yes the empire has been good to the orcs in the past, so to were they to the Nords, but that changed when the empire sided with the thalmor, the thalmor who view all other races as inferior mongrel races to be purged.. they already have started this in valenwood, the bosmer in the dominion have been relegated to a disposable servant caste and they aren't that far removed from the Altmer, imagine what they would do to the orcs? but, Orcs are known to be very racist and nationalistic (notably the Stornghold Orcs), and your character being from a stronghold could have that ingrained into her persona, not caring about the future, only the present, and only as it directly effects her people. the choice is yours, if you decide to oppose the thalmor and join the Stormcloaks, support them by joining the empire or stay neutral as they don't directly effect your people right now is your call, but remember, even a Dunmer or Khjiit that Joins the Stormcloaks will eventually be honoured with a covenant with Ulfric Stormcloak where he calls you brother giving you part of his name in your title and declaring you, regardless of race a true nord and the truest of Stomcloaks "You do not have to be born of this land to have the love for it seep into your veins, those who do are true sons and daughters of Skyrim" oh and heres the video
  2. Fantasy Role-play archtypes

    So I haven't been online a lot, for a few reasons, first being school and my irl life, second being gta 5 videos have taken over most of my spare time, and third being that skyrim and other fantasy stuff has taken up more of my spare time. So I was looking around On wikis and I realized I don't know a lot or fantasy archtypes other then the ones I use for my roleplaying, so I was wondering if a few of you guys could list the fantasy archtypes you know. Here are the ones I know: Ranger (the one I use the most) thief Warrior Brute mage Battlemage healer witchdoctor Vampire werewolf And that's about it so if you guys could just leave a few common ones you like to use when Larping or role-playing.
  3. The Journal Of Nikulas One-Eye An Imperial prisoner Book 1 2nd of Hearthfire Damn Imperials! They ambushed us Out side the walls last night. They charged in and killed most of the priests Me and Olaf got the others out , while Kjeld and Gunjar tried to fight them off and the Imperials Cut them down. Olaf told me to put down my axe, I put it on the ground And put my hands in the air Olaf did the same. I regret no Cutting the head of that Thalmor pig that lead them in the cave. I guess I should be glad they threw me in an Imperial prison instead of a Thalmor torcher camp. My guard knew me from the war and gave me this journal for me to write in. Olaf is in the cell Next to me and we talked this morn but I haven't talked to him this afternoon. I wish to be back in skyrim with my da. I miss ma I'm glad I'm glad we got to say hi to her While we were in skyrim. I remember the good days when The land was ruled by men and not those honorless high elves. I wish I got the chance to kill more before the The Concordance was signed, When it was an honor to be an Imperial general. I'm done writing for now. Later It's night now me and Olaf talked again, He told me That he managed to smuggle in his amulet of Talos. Good for Him I'm glad he plans to keep of worship In this prison Maybe I'll ask the guard for a amulet of arkay. I sung ragnar the red tonight, I might think of joining the bards collage if I get out of here. They gave us bread and horker to eat today. I wish I could steal a sweetrole of one of the guard's. I didn't sleep well last night I keep regretting Not helping Kjeld and Gunjar, If I wasn't helping the priests We might off been able to drive them back.I hope to sleep better tonight. The guard said he was turning out the lights so I have to stop writing. 3rd of hearthfire It's night now me and Olaf talked most of the day. Theirs a Wood elf in the cell in front of me. He Said the was surprised to see a Nord be able to read and write, I snarled at him. Nothing special happened today, well I take that back The Guard gave me and Olaf a bottle of mead. It tasted good, I don't know if Olaf drank his yet, I finished mine with dinner. 5 of hearthfire I didn't write yesterday I didn't feel like it ,nothing happened yesterday anyways. Today I asked the guard for and amulet of arkay. He said he would work on getting me one, that's a good man. I wish to see the sky again, If I get out I want to climb the 7,000 steps. I asked Olaf what he planned to do if he got out, He said he would go back home and become a farmer or a sellsword. I said I would Do what ever he did. He's an honorable man. Later Nothing else happen today That wood elf made another comment about me writing.
  4. I just want to say the the stormcloaks are better then the honor-less empire for a few reasons. 1. The Stormcloaks have honor that the empire does not. Why do I think this is true? because it is and I have good proof. At the end of both civil war quest lines you either attack The true high king of skyrim Ulfric Stormcloak or the Imperial leader of skyrim General Tullius you have 3 options 1 does not change for both quests but 2 do and the 2 that change are killing either Tullius or Ulfric or let Ulfric or Tullius kill Ulfric or Tullius (confusing right?). When you side with Stormclocks the worded options are "I will gladly kill him" (not so honor-full) or "That honor belongs to you" (I find that honor- full). and if you side with the empire the worded options are "I will gladly kill him) (o-o I thought it changed) or the honor-less 'I wont give him that satisfaction" (when I played it was he doesn't deserve that satisfaction o-o) proof I didn't make this up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9Bk7XzagcA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji01t94Wnpw Just watch the Imperial one I know it isn't just the speech but Ulfrics death as well. I"ll post part 2 and 3 during this week..2 weeks nope didn't post in 2 weeks.. here hoe about this I'll post part 2 and 3 this year oh also Tim de bear was here :3
  5. Hi! It has come to my attention that SKYRIM IS PROBABLY THE BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED! I have all of the DLCs and got to level 26 today. I am a wood elf (archery - In case you didn't know, I shoot a bow irl). Anyway, I noticed another person that was obsessed with Skyrim too! Not naming anyone... (Ahem, Codu, ahem) and I wanted to make one place where we can talk about anything ad everything Skyrim. DLCs, Stormcloaks vs Imperials, and so on and so forth. I am willing to have an argument over why I was/am (it's confusing) a Stormcloak. Also, I learned the beginning to the Dovahkiin (Dragonborn) song yesterday when I FINALLY WENT BACK TO SCHOOL FOR BAND PRACTICE AND MY PIAAANNOOOOO!!!! Ahem, anyway, feel free to talk about everything and anything Skyrim, GO! Okay, one: I am never joining the Dark Brotherhood. It's full of crazy people. Who kills random people!? And... Their leader is an old dead woman that talks to you in a creepy voice ._. Two: I am a Stormcloak because they deserve religious freedom! Plus, it's annoying when they constantly talk about they can't worship Talos when they want to even though they already are.. And ULFRIC CHALLENGED HIM TO A DUEL! HE DID NOT MURDER HIM!