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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to make a few things clearer regarding the update for the forums. 1. As you can tell by me posting this in announcements instead, we do not currently have a shoutbox, but Christopher has already requested it so we will have it back as soon as the developers finish it, so it will be coming back, don't worry 2. If you're having log in problems, the log in is no longer username based. To log in either use your display name from the forums or the email you used to sign up; your password should still be the same. 3. By the way, the chat room is back so feel free to use that Anyways, hope this helped; we'll keep you guys updated as things are added back :D.
  2. Destiny House of Wolves

    So, I just got back to my apartment after some time home for my brother's high school graduation and I was finally able to download the new dlc for Destiny and I was just wondering what the opinions were of the people who play the game. Personally I've been enjoying it so far with the new social area, missions, and weapon type of sidearm. It's kind of weird that they didn't include a new raid, but I haven't done any raid yet so it doesn't really affect me as much XD. Anyways though, I've been having fun with it as a whole but I was just wondering what you guys thought about it, maybe some insight on the new gamemodes as well since I haven't gotten to them yet.
  3. So, since we dont yet have an updated shoutbox yet, I just thought I'd do this here. OH MY GOSH BILL NYE SEASON 1 IS ON NETFLIX; THIS IS THE MOST JOYOUS OF DAYS. that is all XD
  4. Hey guys, Since the server and site, myself included, has been quiet lately, I just thought I'd give an update as to what's been going on in my life lately and if anyone wants to do anything similar please feel free to do so in the comments. In a nutshell, this past semester has been kind of crazy, like I was pushed to my breaking point the other crazy XD. Don't worry about that though, few days of sleep and food and water and I'm pretty much good to go again. Anyways though, I've been wrapping up my second to last year for my Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at Florida State University, this semester alone, not counting normal homework or papers or stuff, I've been a part of designing and building a 0.35 lb lifting mechanism (kinda like a crane but it doesn't move) to lift 20 lbs in about 82 seconds, a simulated HVA/C system which responds to immediate temperature changes, and a robot that can navigate a grid filled with boxes and tell you the location of all the boxes (technically it was supposed to do more, but that was part of the breaking point thing XD). As for extracurriculars, the robot we were working on for the Student Professional Design Competition was completed and competed about a month ago. It didn't complete the course, but no one's did because of a mistake by the people who made it, so since ours didn't break I consider that a relative success XD. For the formula team, things were crazy there because I moved from nothing to head of frame to co-captain, to captain and we just finished doing all of our modeling and simulation for the car so we can turn it into the club president and finally get funding to actually begin building it. The baja team did well at their first competition this year and I'll be going with them to Baltimore to present on the frame since the main guy for them can't go so that will be interesting XD. As for the future, I was accepted in the Research Experience for Undergraduates (at least that's what I think it stands for) for the summer which is paid research work so I can up in Tallahassee while I work on building the formula car in the shop. Also, I was accepted in the BS/MS program which allows me to get my master's degree with only an extra year of school. I kind of wanted to take more time in graduate school and maybe apply to other places, but when your little brother's on his way to college and they offer to pay you and cover all your graduate classes you can't really say no and expect your parents to keep paying for rent XD. But yeah, the too long didn't read version of it is, things have been super crazy busy but lots of good opportunities. And I promise for those of you still looking forward to it I will try my best to work on the server files with Christopher between the Baltimore competition and before I start work, hopefully we can get it all done in that time period . How about you guys, whats been up with you? Also, just a picture of what we've got so far for the car if anyone wanted to see it, really proud of the guy on my team who put in all the time to finish putting all the pieces together
  5. Anime this season

    Hey guys, I was just curious for you anime watchers out there what shows you guys are currently watching whether they be currently airing anime or catching up on some old goodies. Right now, in addition to the investments that are Naruto and One Piece, I am watching Log Horizon, Aldnoah Zero, Parasyte the Maxim, and Sailor Moon Crystal. I guess kinda the highlight of this round for me is Aldnoah Zero. Idk how many people know of it, but I started watching it on a whim when it first showed up on Crunchyroll and the animation and soundtrack immediately grabbed me, but for a while the plot felt too commonplace, but I am happy to say that part 2 has been amazing in all 3 aspects to the point that I'd highly recommend anyone to at least give it a shot if they're looking for something. As for the future, I'm really looking forward to the next part of Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks that's supposed to come back in April and I'm still perusing other potential anime to pick up since the current seasons of Log Horizon, Parasyte, and Aldnoah are quickly drawing to a close. I'll probably pick up Psych-Pass season 2 once it becomes more readily available, possibly dubbed just because that's how I started the series, and another I'm kinda glancing at atm is Valvrave the Liberator. How about you guys? What are you watching/excited to see soon?
  6. Fire Emblem

    So after playing Super Smash Bros 3DS I finally decided to give a Fire Emblem game a chance and bought Awakening. Let's just say I've put in 20 hours in like 2 days XD. I was just wondering if anyone had any cool stories from that game and had any suggestions for older games in the franchise that I should go back and play. I still have a working gameboy advanced so I can go back as far as needed for the handheld series.
  7. Destiny

    So I just finished what I assume to be the current extent of the single player story for Destiny and I just wanted to say it's pretty much in my top favorite games now. To be fair though my favorite console game is Halo: Reach so it's no surprise I really liked this game XD. I was just wondering if anyone else out there played the game and on what console and what their character is like. I've been playing on the xbox 360 and my guardian is a level 20 Human Titan with the striker subclass (mainly because I was too lazy to try out the other subclass XD). I personally favor the Scout Rifle for my main, switch between the sniper rifle and the shotgun for my special, and use the machine gun for my heavy. How about you guys?
  8. So I was youtube and saw this, and I figured it worth the share
  9. So I was youtube and saw this, and I figured it worth the share
  10. Pokemon X and Y

    Hey guys, so Pokemon X and Y has been out for a while now and figured maybe, as a community, we could start swapping friend codes to help build everyone's friend safaris and promote people in the community playing together. Below feel free to leave your in game name, friend code, friend safari (if you know it) and just anything else you want to discuss about the game (looking for trades, battles, etc.) As a bit of incentive to get this thread going, I will give anyone who replies at least one pokemon (not legendary or shiny), of their choice. So to start it off, my IGN is BRob, my friend code is 5472-7800-6483, and i know i have at least ninetails and larvesta in my friend safari but i can never remember my third one for the life of me XD. Currently in the game I'm working on hunting for shiny pokemon and building relatively competitive pokemon to one day hopefully put a decent team together.
  11. Hey guys, I know there were a few of you who wanted to try out my little modded resource pack but couldn't get it through skype so I thought I'd try my hand at posting a link of where to get it XD. The packs nothing fancy, mainly default with changed mob textures and sounds, but like I was saying some people said they wanted it so I decided may as well try to post it XD. If you're having trouble with the link or anything let me know and I'll try my best to play around with it XD. http://www.mediafire.com/download/pb8lsminvk84i56/Melonnation1.7.zip Also, you will have to download the folder to your resource packs folder in your minecraft files and you may have to unzip the file if its not working. Anyways, best of luck with it and enjoy XD.
  12. Pokemmo Mod Gyms Open

    Hey guys, so as some of you may be aware, Scott made that announcement a few weeks ago about the staff members opening gym challenges on the free online game Pokemmo. I just wanted to first restate the rules of the challenge. Basically in a nutshell the battles will be 6 on 6 with a level range from 50-60 only for both the gym leader and the challenger, the gym leader, as is normal, will be confined to using only a single type of pokemon that they have chosen ahead of time. Though the specifics of it are still being decided, for every lodecentral gym someone defeats he or she will gain some in game item on the minecraft server that will be decided later. In addition I wanted to announce that, while some of the mods are finishing up preparing their teams, both my and Allen's gyms are officially open to challenge. So people know I will not be going with my psychic type team that people voted for because that account is being reserved in case Brent and I do more livestreams about a playthrough of the game. So it will really be up to you to be ready for anything . If you wish to participate and challenge any of the currently open gyms, just either reply to this thread or message the leader you want to challenge either here on the forums or on the server. As things move forward expect to see more gyms open too . If you need more information on pokemmo, I suggest you check out their website and follow the instructions to get the game. Good luck trainers and hope to hear from you soon .
  13. Hey guys, since the single type challenge won in the previous poll, we thought we'd also have you guys vote on what type each staff member that's definitely participating should use. Keep in mind that you may want to check the polls often because more people may be added once they know for sure. Another thing to note is that the type choices are limited only because pokemmo relies mainly on generation 1 pokemon because its made from fire red version, so I counted up all the available pokemon of each type (keeping in mind that pokemon from the same evolutionary families cant be used at the same time in accordance with the challenge) and posted all the types that have more than 6 pokemon available in the game. This way the votes won't be as spread out and we have a better chance at actually assembling a team before too late in the game.
  14. Possible Pokemmo Stream

    So this may or may not happen for sure, but a few of us may be doing a test livestream of some of us playing pokemmo (online multiplayer pokemon game) and figured to help make things more interesting we'd put it up to a community vote as to what challenge or restrictions we should play by, so feel free to vote . As a side note, if the single type challenge wins, there may be an additional vote as to what type each person participating will use.
  15. Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge

    So recently, in my spare time when I'm not doing schoolwork, working out, or on the servers, I've been doing a pokemon nuzlocke challenge on pokemmo (go to http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nuzlocke_Challenge for the rules), and it's been such and interesting experience that I was wondering if anyone else has attempted one and how it's gone if so. So for the few that have actually attempted a Nuzlocke challenge answer the following questions if you like so we can all see how alike or different each other's experiences have been 1. What Pokemon game did you attempt the challenge on? 2. Which starter did you choose? 3. How many/Which pokemon did you lose on your journey? 4. How far did you get/how far are you? 5. Who was/is your favorite member of your team? 6. What additional rules did you play by aside from the main 2? For me: 1. Pokemmo (http://pokemmo.wikia.com/wiki/PokeMMO_Wiki) 2. Squirtle (I usually go with charmander but I didn't want to risk losing him to Brock or Misty) 3. 7 pokemon: zubat, rattata, mankey, meowth, and 2 voltorbs 4. Currently I have earned all 8 gym badges but haven't fought the rival or gone on to victory road yet 5. My Nidoking Rampage 6. I had to nickname every pokemon I caught, fainted pokemon just went to the back of my boxes to not be used until I beat the game, and I allowed the usage of gift pokemon like eevee and the fossil pokemon