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Found 1 result

  1. Hello. Welcome. Now is the time to pick your guild. I am Miliana. (so good at making names, obvs.) First you must pick between Solar and Luna. We have a lot of training to do and it will be a lot of work. I plan to help you along in your journey to wizardry. You can choose one special skill: Speed - Attack first Strength - +15 damage to each move Defense - -15 damage to opponents moves [okay, so I'm totally making this out of my butt right now so here we go:] Name: Guild: [Solar or Luna] Age: Wizard Type: [Light, Dark, Earth, Fire, Water] About you: Special skill: [speed, Strength, Defense] First you must create your first move. It does 50 Hp damage to the opponent unless you are elementally stronger, (Light vs Dark, Dark vs Light, Earth vs Water, Water vs Fire, Fire vs Earth) in which case you do double the move, or if you are elementally stronger you do half. THE GUILDS CANNOT ATTACK EACH OTHER UNTIL THERE ARE TWO PEOPLE IN EACH GUILD. [i hope no one minds me making two characters... Miliana is just a guide...] (I think that's it.. I hope, any questions, I promise I'll answer!!)