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Found 3 results

  1. So um hi

    I disappeared didn't I? if you for any reason cared I got stuck on my laptop for a while and had to wait for a new computer. Why you may ask? my parents thought I was slowing down the computer downstairs with all my games. So I stopped being on here little by little while I was on my laptop but, now I'm back. Hello again.
  2. fanfik

    Wun dae, a wulf naemd Bing went tu a surver cald "mustrs servr" an he waz da mosttest pipularest persun awn dat servur Won other deh, hi met a kat fing kalld jezss an dey werr frenz. An den wun dae, jess wen out on a edventure wifout Bing and dat maed Bing get sadd. Soh he hidd in hur luggaj pak. wen he kam off of a trane kalld "da Allen trayn" an he gawt owt of da bagg dat he hid in wen he folowd jezss. jezss sed "y u foloe mee lik dis wulf?" an den wulf saed "i waned tu kom on eventur wif u" an den jezz sed "o ok den u kan kom on eventur wif me" so dey wen to da kasl kald "moo kasl" an den dey wen to da frone rum an der was a gurl kween kow pursun der an shi sed "hi kat fing and wulf fing y u kom heer?" an jess sed "weer heer do defeet da high frooktoce korn cyrup dat iz invading da landz" an da moo kween sed "o ok den yu taek dis pie an yu taek dis banana an yu bekom Baman an Piderman" an den Wulf bekame Baman an jess bekkame Piderman an dey go on aventur tu saev land frum hih frooktuz korm sutjrskdajkl. So dey kame tu da kaev of Sodapawp an Gummi Berz an dey wen inzide. Wulf stabd gummi bearz an jess poopd awn evul sota kanz an den dey defeet da gummi berz an da sota. So den dey wen to da caev of mexican sodas to get da fabled "Soda Sord of Ohld" dat kood defeet hih frooktoes korn seerup. Dey had to fite a monstur. da monstur was a mexican naemed bruce who fot wif da powr uv Dubstep an Athiesm. Dey defeeted de Chubby Mexican Dubstep Athiest wif da banana of old an da pie of old an dey got da Soda sord of old. dey took da soda sord of ohld an dey tooc it tu da hih frooktoz curn cerup layer. dey stab da hih fooktose wif da Mexican Soda Sord an de hih fooktose dide. Dey took bak da body uv da hih frooktoes to da Moo Kween an dey tradid his bodi for kake. DA END
  3. I'm sorry ;-;

    In what video does Jonus speak? My friend and I are in a Skype call and I asked her if we know what Jonus sounds like and she said yes. I then asked if it was a faction video and she said yes again (She's so talkative!) and I asked which one... She said she didn't know... HKJFNVJKNFJVNKJAFV Someone tell me >_> I bet it was the episode where I thought Christopher was talking... "Sorry..." "STAHP BEING SORRY" "Sorry..." I thought that was Christopher...