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Found 5 results

  1. Hogwarts Roleplay!!

    Hai guise :3 So I wanted to roleplay and I had the idea for one set in Hogwarts! Even if you don't like Harry Potter, you must admit going to a magic school would be pretty awesome XD Here's the guidelines for your character that you have to set up (I'll include mine as an example): NOTE: This takes place after Voldemort was defeated and Harry has graduated (sorry if you wanted that) but still the same teachers (I KNOW SOME DIED BUT IT'S A LOT EASIER IF WE KEEP THEM AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THEY ARE LOOK IT UP PLZ <3) Name: Emma Cameron Age/Year: 14, Fourth Year House: Ravenclaw (Note: If you aren't familiar with HP, just remember that most houses only interact with people within each other but that doesn't mean they can't befriend others. Griffindor and Slytherin are enemy houses and so are Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff but to a lesser degree; Slytherin is NOT an evil house, and lastly, Slytherin is the most disliked house) Best Classes: Transfiguration and Charms Worst Classes: History of Magic and Potions (though she's better at Potions) Extra Talents: Has a knack for memorizing spells and is talented with writing which aids her with essays; Flaws: Easily bored and isn't very good at Quidditch extremely friendly which some people find annoying Blood: Muggle-born Rules: No pornography o.o You can date people but seriously guys no intercourse XD (That actually happens o.o) Okay, you guys can start now :3 and if any of you happen to be in the first year, you can act out the sorting ceremony if you want :3 I'm bad at starting these things (sorry!) so I'm leaving it up to one of you XD IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH HARRY POTTER/HOGWARTS PLEASE LOOK IT UP BECAUSE IT'S WAY TO COMPLEX FOR ME TO EXPLAIN WITHOUT MAKING A HUMONGOUS POST I'M SORRY
  2. When worlds collide

    Briefing Alright, Imma start a new rp since I can't get this idea out of my head , but there's a few rules: 1 - Keep things pg and yes that includes sexual content, fade to the back if things start to cross the border >.< 2 - Keep your character balanced between power and weaknesses, so things won't get too over powered (Don't "godmode your character or anything crazy like that , and keep stamina and other things like that non-infinite, it must deplete at some point) 3 - Any out of character talking/conversation should be written in brackets (like this) 4 - Forum rules apply here too (of course XD) I might add onto the rules later, but for now that's all there is, I'll detail it more after you create your characters. Anyways, this rp is a "free-play" type of rp where any character(s) you choose (I'll decide the maximum number per "rper" later XD) will enter the rp (in any matter that fits the intro XD) and interact with each other and his/her/its surroundings however each rper chooses, folowing the rules above of course... Character creation: Name: Gender: male/female/other Race: Height: Appearance: (can be depicted later on if preferred) Items: (you can have them on you or have some or all of them in the pod or whatever atmospheric entry vessel you have (even if it's a meteor XD) History: Personality: Skills/abilities: Weakness's: Aanyways let's get started XS In the vast night sky of an unknown planet in an unknown universe it looked like multiple meteors were streaking through the sky heading towards it, but on closer inspection.. They weren't meteors... They were space-pods, escape pods, and may more varieties of planetary landing devices... Most of them looked like they were used to escape their own territory for unknown reasons...
  3. Faction Story Roleplay!

    This is the roleplay for the journey! YOU MUST BE YOUR MINECRAFT SKIN THIS IS WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE (Sorry...xD) And you have no magic powers... Things you need to know: Name: (We should all know this so it's not really needed xD) Gender: (Again, we should already know this, not nessesary) Pets: (It can be an animal in Vanilla Minecraft or Mo'Creatures ONLY) Weapon: (Axe, Sword, etc. NO WEAPONS THAT AREN'T IN VANILLA MINECRAFT) Bag: (What's in it, what it looks like, etc. only stuff in minecraft unless you packed food/drinks, those can be anything :3) Likes/Dislikes: (What are they good at, like to do, dislike) Condition: (Sick, tired easily, anger issues, etc.) I WILL START THIS TOMORROW! PLAN YOUR CHARACTERS TODAY AND THEY ROLEPLAY WILL START TOMORROW. GIVE YOUR STARTING SENTENCE (I looked around spawn for the last time, excited and nervous for the trip) OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. THE ROLEPLAY STARTS AT SPAWN RIGHT BEFORE WE LEAVE. Have fun! :3
  4. The Agency

    Okay, few things: Yan made a role play and people take time to respond soooo if we have two we can have more fun. If you are waiting for someone to respond and they don't, go to hers and vise versa! I made this because I was bored and I had a really good idea. I hope I don't offend anyone ._. Sorry <3 Now! RolePlay! Go! You can only have one character UNLESS YOU ARE THE HOODED MAN. I am the RP Keeper. I have a lot of Characters because of the fact that they are apart of the story. Shut up. "Few things! The Agency doesn't accept everyone! There are the good and trustworthy people, and the one's that aren't them! You have to have a talent! You have to have something! Something worth while! If you don't, you might as well get out!" The girl walked around. She was the instructor. Her name was Kaze. She is 18 years old. She has been training since the war began in her country twelve years ago. "Oh, come on, don't be so harsh!" says Kaze's advisor. "Oh, you know I'm just kidding! They'll figure out that I'm not the evil, scary person they think I am!" Kaze replied in a whisper. (Remember, you didn't hear that.) "Now! I have a few questions! Are you ready for the training. Are you ready to be in The Agency!?" Kaze asks the group of people. She looks out and sees various faces. Some with determination. Others with fear. Others who want to fight, and some with guilt. Here are a few people you can pick from (I will make sure to cross out who has already been picked): Lily Valentine Lily Valentine was selected to join two years ago. A terrible war started in her country and she was forced to evacuate. She lost everything. Her fiance, in which she had been with for 5 years and were getting married in the summer of the next year. This character is incapable of romance within the roleplay This character is hardcore, and many wish to learn from her She has a great chance at joining the agency first. Grey Frander Grey Frander was voted Most Likely To Succeed as a graduate. He has the highest grade point average in all of his state. He was born and raised in the U.S. and was recruited to The Agency by Dan Fisher, the Main Executive Of Recruting. Though he is smart, he likes to play dumb and if very charming. Most likely to get all the girls to like him at first sight. (I know you girls won't like this but umm please pretend you like him o-o) Though he is smart, his speed sucks. Fensey He/She is trying to figure out who he is and why. He/She doesn't remember his/her past. Doesn't have a special power yet. He/She can be a bit of a bother according to the others. Hooded Man THIS PERSON CANNOT BE PICKED. PRIVATE MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT TO BE THIS PERSON! HE WILL BE A BIG PART OF THE ROLE PLAY AND WILL BE SELECTED CAREFULLY. Not much can be said about this man. Not yet. If you wish to be The Hooded Man (yes, it can be a girl) Private Message me. I want a paragraph. A nightmare you had, a creepy superstition, anything. The Hooded Man doesn't have to be creepy either. He could be really smart or even one of the two people above. THE HOODED MAN IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO IS ALLOWED TO HAVE TWO CHARACTERS! You don't have to have two characters but you can! YAY FUN PART! If you are creating your own character, (which is most of you) here goes! You don't have to pick from the characters above if they don't suit you and you really want to be your own person You can be who YOU like! Be who you want. Just don't be overpowered. Whole Name: Age: (Recommended 17-19 however, I will let at least two of you be younger. No younger than 15.) What you look like: Where you're from: Likes/Dislikes: (You are empty handed. NO WEAPONS!) Guardians: Country: History: Other Extra Comments: "I need all of this information! Get it to me fast! Thanks!" Kaze leaves with a smoke ball to the ground. The students are coughing as they fill out the form that has appeared in their hands.
  5. The Tavern at the Crossroads of Time

    Imagine yourself at a place where every Reality, no matter how impossible, collides with thousands of others. And imagine that place has a bar that serves drinks good enough to make people brake the laws of physics to try. At the crossroads of time itself, there is such a place. Where reality ends, you'll find... The Crossroads Tavern __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RULES: No God-Modding. No “perfect characters”. Try to make a character of your own. Romance is allowed, as long as it follows the rules. And keep it PG-13. Fighting is allowed, but give people a chance to reply. No “insta-kills”. Give people a chance to respond in general. Nonsense posts WILL be deleted. Abusive language is not allowed. Use brackets when out of character. Avoid using emoticons, or at least keep it to a minimum. Post a detailed description of your character using the form that follows. Please fill in all fields with as much detail as possible. Try to avoid simply listing off traits. Character Name: Age: (Actual and physical/apparent age.) Species: (If uncommon or created by you, please explain it.) Gender: Appearance: Personality: Powers: (Please don't overdo it.) Weapons: (Please don't overdo it.) Other Items: Weaknesses: (Must be enough to balance your powers/weapons.) History: Other: (optional) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Tavern: The Crossroads Tavern looks pretty much like a normal tavern. That is, if your “normal tavern” brakes the laws of physics, and defies common sense and logic. Basically, the tavern is everywhere – and nowhere at the same time. It can be futuristic. It can be medieval. It can be a starting point to an adventure. It can be the point-of-no-return. Many people arrive here by chance. Many, through effort. And even more, (whether as a side-effect to the travels, or an unsurprising effect of drinking) simply can't recall how they got there, how to go back, or even where there is. Whatever your case may be, you see the tavern in front of you. It's a large room, the walls looking almost impossibly distant one from the other. From one of the entrances (however many there may be), you can see there are at least three floors. Dozens of tables are scattered about, some even suspended vertically on the walls, or even the ceiling. On one side of the main floor is the counter. A man with bright red hair and weary green eyes stands behind it, polishing glasses calmly. He's The Bartender, an entity both bound to and created by the Tavern itself, its own personified body. Inside this place, he's omnipresent. As you approach the counter, he smiles politely, and greets you. “Welcome to The Crossroads Tavern. How may I serve you?”