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Found 1 result

  1. Anime this season

    Hey guys, I was just curious for you anime watchers out there what shows you guys are currently watching whether they be currently airing anime or catching up on some old goodies. Right now, in addition to the investments that are Naruto and One Piece, I am watching Log Horizon, Aldnoah Zero, Parasyte the Maxim, and Sailor Moon Crystal. I guess kinda the highlight of this round for me is Aldnoah Zero. Idk how many people know of it, but I started watching it on a whim when it first showed up on Crunchyroll and the animation and soundtrack immediately grabbed me, but for a while the plot felt too commonplace, but I am happy to say that part 2 has been amazing in all 3 aspects to the point that I'd highly recommend anyone to at least give it a shot if they're looking for something. As for the future, I'm really looking forward to the next part of Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks that's supposed to come back in April and I'm still perusing other potential anime to pick up since the current seasons of Log Horizon, Parasyte, and Aldnoah are quickly drawing to a close. I'll probably pick up Psych-Pass season 2 once it becomes more readily available, possibly dubbed just because that's how I started the series, and another I'm kinda glancing at atm is Valvrave the Liberator. How about you guys? What are you watching/excited to see soon?