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  1. hey its susanpink or maybe u remember me as zoe or susan. idk if anyone comes on here lol but i came here just like out of curiosity i guess? and i saw its still up and sometimes ppl come on every like couple months or so but i really really loved it here and i played when i was still in middle school and i just graduated from high school and im going into my first year of university at the end of september. ive been playing a bunch of mc recently and i remembered how much i used to use this forum and play on the lodecentral server my discord is plum#0791 and my twitter is @catturpie when u add me message me who u r so i remember u
  2. Skyrim-stormcloaks

    The argument was that Stormcloaks are racist. I am not arguing that other races/factions are not. The Argonians and Khajiit races actually have some sort of rivalry between them which I dont know all the details of. I think it has to do with like some argonians from black marsh tried to take parts of elsweyr? Maybe its the other way around. Maybe its not that at all. Idk.
  3. Skyrim-stormcloaks

    How do you know that calling khajiit cats isnt racist
  4. Skyrim-stormcloaks

    Walking around towns, my character has been called cat and rug. She did nothing to provoke these comments. It is from both guards and civilians. What I remember the best is someone hesitating to call her cat. "What are you doing... cat?" is what I remember being said, but it may have been slightly different. In the first post you made in this thread, you stated, "...but remember, even a Dunmer or Khjiit that Joins the Stormcloaks will eventually be honoured with a covenant with Ulfric Stormcloak where he calls you brother giving you part of his name in your title and declaring you, regardless of race a true nord and the truest of Stomcloaks." Why can't Ulfric say that you are a true [insert whatever race you are] and a true stormcloak. That in itself is racist. To equate it to real life, what if someone called my mother (who is Asian and from Asia) a true white person and true American. The true American part makes sense, but the true white person part? How would that make any sense?
  5. Skyrim-stormcloaks

    Ok I probably should've stated that calling the Khajiit a bunch of cats is racist in the Elder Scrolls universe. Racial slurs for Khajiit: Cat, rug, carpet Racial slurs for Argonians: Lizard, boots Racial slurs for Dark Elves: Gray skins (I don't care too much for playing as them so I don't really know a lot about them) I think you can understand why being called a rug, carpet, or a pair of boots could be demeaning, but what about cat or lizard? The reason these terms are demeaning is because cats and lizards are of a lower status. Sure, the Khajiit and Argonians probably evolved from cats and lizards (I think Argonians evolved from the Hists, which are sentient trees) but how would you like to be called Ape? Or monkey? I'm not really sure why gray skin is a slur for Dark elves, but why is ch*nk a slur for Asian people who have monolids(although it has expanded to other Asian races)? Like if someone called me g*ok, I understand that it is a racist slur. There's no need for the word itself to be something like stupid or idiot. It's the connotation behind the word, not the denotation. (If someone is confused as to why someone would call me g*ok, the reason is because I'm half Asian.) (Also if a mod sees this and it's not allowed for me to put the slurs even censored out, I'll remove them if I'm told. Not just a mod, if anyone is offended by me saying them, even censored, I will remove them.)
  6. I Can Predict

    Tralse I predict the next person forgot that this site exists

    lel. mia ur a loozr. dark brotherhood 4lyfe lmao. im a khajiit with a level 96 pickpocketting skill and im guild master of the thieves guild.
  8. Skyrim-stormcloaks

    the stormcloaks are racist though. they call the khajiit cats, the argonians lizards, and the dark elves gray skins. if they were racist then why would ulfric (jarl of windhelm so that means he has power in the city to help these people) keep the argonians in the docks and the dark elves in the slums??
  9. oh whoops

    well apparently i forgot haha im sorry mufasa

  11. Tumblr.

  12. Zoë walked down the stairs, dragging the girl behind her. "Who was right in the end?" Zoë asked, looking around the room for anyone else. The bumps from the girl being dragged down the steps came one after the other. Once they got to the bottom of the stairs, Zoë made the girl stand up and then walked away. "Give me that rag," she told Nicole. "You said it was chloroform, but you didn't fall asleep?"
  13. "Shut up," Zoë whispered. There were foot steps down stairs. She took her bow off from over her shoulders and then drew an arrow from her quiver. She readied her bow and aimed at where the staircase ended.