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  1. Sytih's 3D Minecrafty Stuff!

    XD I was just "josh"ing you. Oh God... I'm turning into Brent... Noooooooo......
  2. Sytih's 3D Minecrafty Stuff!

    In the test picture, why is Dan pooping?
  3. Editing. Always editing.

  4. A New Series!

    "Dan! DAN! DAAAAN!"

    :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Not the Nutella!!!!
  6. The Quest For Survival Series

    Episode 6, since it didn't show up in Jess's post.
  7. Why we haven't updated to 1.7.2

    Let's hope it doesn't take quite that long.
  8. Spamming

    Keep in mind, if you see someone spamming, don't spam along with them. You could get in trouble also.
  9. Is there a new Server IP?

    Are you logging in with a 1.6.4 profile? Nevermind. I see you on the livemap. Glad you made it on!
  10. Is there a new Server IP?

    The ip is now mc.lodecentral.com
  11. Emoticons

    Jamaal, you may want to watch out. I think someone planted some tnt under your house!
  12. LodeCentral Youtube channel is now open!

    Well, we've had it for a couple of months. Just now started posting stuff though.
  13. Please Unban yoda00456

    Please use the correct ban appeal format found here:
  14. The Tornado Part 3

    We saved Brent!