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  1. can't connect to server

    so which version is the server on right now? couldn't find it anywhere on the forums
  2. can't connect to server

    "outdated server I'm still on {0}" is the version of minecraft I'm using too new?
  3. Sytih's 3D Minecrafty Stuff!

    I'd like one of me, nothing specific just use your creativity
  4. When worlds collide

    "start walking everybody! Tired of standing around!" Alvren started marching forward "you two elves get in front of me I don't trust you" Tieras rolled her eyes. "you've made that very apparent!" "and you tried to kill me" Alvren said gruffly. Tieras kept quiet after that.
  5. When worlds collide

    "Right well stay in the front where I can see you... I've no reason to trust you yet. I'm Alvren" he grunted.
  6. When worlds collide

    "well newcomer what is your name? if you want to travel with us we'll need to know that"
  7. When worlds collide

    "Well has everyone got as much rest as they need? we'll have to keep moving" (missed the ghost part cody I'll edit my message accordingly)
  8. When worlds collide

    "I'm no human. it seems your world and my world have a different definition of elves and dwarves, but I am a half breed of both, and as such I am hated by both. Forgive me for not being quick to trust but you don't exactly strike me as one that would be merciful to a creature such as I. In my world dwarves are short and stocky and always have long full beards, elves have no beards and are tall and thin, also quite fair, but I've never seen one as ghostly as you"
  9. When worlds collide

    " So, what's an Aldmer and what faraway land do they hail from? frankly I've never heard of such a thing, or of a bearded elf" said Alvren quietly examining the stranger
  10. When worlds collide

    "I'm not sleeping, you're too quick to trust people, cat lass. I'll take the first watch so you folks go ahead, if anyone tries to harm anyone I'll stick a knife in em'. Understand?" he looked around at all the people present. "I don't care what you are, stranger. Dwarf, elf, you'd better behave yourself because I'll be watching. Now everybody else get some shuteye"
  11. When worlds collide

    " I can see you! You look like an elf but you have a beard! perhaps you are half dwarf like I, or half a man, in any case, state your intentions and if they are pure little harm will come to you!"
  12. When worlds collide

    The darkness spell did not effect Alvren's half-elven eyes and he saw the figure moving through the cloud, he sprinted for it and tried to pin it to the ground with the handle of his battleaxe (Cody I've seen all the elder scrolls lore videos they are really cool I recommend watching them all for anyone else in this forum, they're so interesting)
  13. When worlds collide

    (Cody, named what first?)
  14. When worlds collide

    "so what's your name lass?" "huh" the elf girl replied "what's your name I just spared your life for crying out loud, me name's Alvren, what's yours!?" The girl looked wide eyed at the rise of volume of his voice "Tieras..." (Tee-Air-As) she muttered quietly as she stared. "oh don't be scared lass, just how I am. After having many an elf and many a dwarf hunting me down for my very birth, I'm a bit short in patience, but relax I'm not gonna hurt you" "right" she muttered and continued to walk along
  15. When worlds collide

    Alvren felt an elven presence behind him but he saw the girl walking in the front of the group. He looked around and sniffed the air, it smelled like an elf but not any type of elf he had ever known. He drew his axe as a self defence measure and continued to walk.