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  1. This place is a ******* ghost town

    did you honestly expect it NOT to be a ghost town??
  2. gif

  3. Riddles!

    TIME TO BRING THIS BACK!!! What's blue and smells like red paint?
  4. Hey

    Well dang, now I'm all blushy >.< <3
  5. Pixelmon?

    I don't even play Pokemon, but this sounds awesome! I'd definitely play ^.^
  6. Hey

    *tackles sheila into a hug*
  7. Justinbob4, yoitsme2 (spam/troll)

    Also: http://prntscr.com/32dgyf
  8. So.. I did an Art Competition

    May I have a drawing? Anything cat-related is good, if you want to, of course XD
  9. Mr. Cactus' Wild Adventure

    THIS WAS BRENT'S REQUEST DON'T JUDGE ME USUALLY I WRITE STUFF THAT GIVES YOU CHILLS BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT HERE YOU GO BRENT Poof! "Oh no!" exclaimed Mr. Cactus, the talking cactus. Where was he? One minute, he was sitting happily in his cottage on planet Cacturn, pouring himself some tea, and the next, he was in a desert on what seemed like the planet Grainey in a puff of smoke.. How would he get home? Suddenly, something hit Mr. Cactus from behind. He fell face-first into the hot sand. He saw a shape lunging toward him and rolled out of the way right in time. He hopped up onto his roots and looked down at his attacker. It was a tiger... made of sand! Mr. Cactus had never seen something like this before. It seemed like its head was stuck in the sand when he tried to jump onto him. He just left it there. "Hey. Psst. You. Yeah, you. Cactus," whispered a raspy, accented voice. Mr. Cactus turned around. "Huh? Who's there?" "Me," the voice said. It was coming from the direction of a dried out plant. Mr. Cactus approached it. "Plant? Is that you?" "What? No!" said the voice. A tiny snake slithered out from behind the plant. "It's me! I saw ya out dere. Ya got guts. I could use someone like ya," it said. "Ya don't look like yer from around here. If ya want, I kin prob'ly help ya. The name's Snap, by the way." "You can?" said Mr. Cactus. "Yeh. All ya need te do is get me some oh dem dere sand monsters' hearts. Prob'ly need about five. Their watery insides kin be made into fuel fer ya to git home." "There's no catch? What's in it for you?" Mr. Cactus asked. He really wasn't as naïve as he seemed. "Fer me? Naw, all I want is to go with ya." "Before that, though... Do you know how I got here?" Snap thought for a minute. "Destiny?" Mr.Cactus shrugged. "So we got a deal, or not?" Snap said impatiently. Mr. Cactus pondered this for a bit. Seemed reasonable. "Okay, why not? I'll do it." And he set off. He walked to the sand tiger. It was still stuck. He wasn't too sure how he was supposed to do it, so Mr. Cactus just shoved a hand through the tiger and felt something hard. He grabbed onto it and pulled it out. As soon as he pulled it out, the tiger went limp. He examined his catch. It was a heart of glass, filled with water. So this is what Snap meant. Snap easily collected the next 3. Luckily, the sand monsters were all pretty dumb; they kept getting stuck like the tiger. He faced a bull, a lion, and a bear. It was at his 5th monster that Mr. Cactus had trouble. He would've walked away and fought another, but it saw him before he could run. It was huge; heavily muscled, with claws sharp as needle-point blades. Its eyes were firey balls of hate. Imagine the Beast from Beauty and the Beast but way less cuddly. Multiply that by 5. That wouldn't even be close to as terrifying as this thing. The monster bellowed a roar that made Mr. Cactus' spines stand to attention. He cringed away from it in fear. The monster leaped at him. Mr. Cactus screamed so shrilly that the monster actually stopped and blinked in surprise. That was just enough. He yanked out one of his sharpest spines and struck it into one of its eyes. It let out an angry cry. "Got you now!" yelled Mr. Cactus, jumping onto the beast's sandy back, wrestling it to the ground. It was still stronger, though, and pushed Mr. Cactus off. He fell to the sand, dazed. This is it. This is the end, thought Mr. Cactus. And to think I still never got to go to Cactusland. As the monster loomed over him, Mr. Cactus heard a loud hissing noise coming from behind it. Suddenly, he saw a thin figure jump and bite the beast's snout. "Snap!" Mr. Cactus gasped. Snap hissed again and slid into the monster's shrieking mouth. He slid down until he erupted out, the beast's glass heart in his mouth. The monster let out one final bellow and died in a cloud of sand. Finally, they had collected the last heart. Snap quickly led Mr. Cactus about 3 miles away to a strange vehicle. It looked a bit like a jet ski, but it floated. Snap cracked open the hearts and poured their contents into a fuel tank. "I can't drive this myself," said Snap. "You gotta do it. I ain't got no arms, but you do." Mr. Cactus nodded and sat in the front. He revved up the engine and, with Snap's guidance, they flew to Cacturn and lived happily ever after. This reminds me of a children's book but it's for Brent so yeah no judging please ty
  10. A world without cats is not a world I wanna live in

  11. I Can Predict

    EVERY DAY IN PLUG.DJ YOU SAY I HAVE A HAIR FETISH DON'T EVEN and I'm done with this subject And yeah I love nutella <3 I predict the next person is having a good day
  12. I Can Predict

    Cody, you aren't funny -.- it's not a fetish.I don't think you actually know what a fetish is. Excuse me if I find boys hit when they have a certain hairstyle.u don't wanna have frickle frackle with the hair.that would be a fetish. now stop trying to be funny because it's really not.
  13. I Can Predict

    I've never payed the game, sorry, so false. I predict the next person likes SWS ;3
  14. FANDOM WARS!!!

  15. Flesh And Bone