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  1. Memories :,)

    I just got reminded of this server by one of my friends and I wanna say that I miss yall. This server gave me some of the best moments of my childhood, I started playing in 7th grade now I'm graduating from highschool this year and just wanted to say that whoever reads this, yall are awesome.
  2. Ban appeal

    I have been playing on this server since i got my minecraft account and had recently been banned for spamming i wouldnt think i was going to be banned because it was just me and my cousin link509696 and didnt think it would bother anyone but i did. This was the first server i have ever played on, this started my minecraft adventure i met many people and made lots of friends and i was wondering if i could be unbanned I promise i will spamming and play with annoying other i am sorry if i caused anyone any troubles
  3. Ban appeal

    Okay thanks brandon im really excited to be back on the server