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  1. This place is a ******* ghost town

    yea that'd be cool. anyone else on board?
  2. This place is a ******* ghost town

    Hey guys. I really miss this server & community & id be soooo down to make another server with either the old worlds or even just a new server with the same ppl. Id home host it or something like that. Its an idea iv had but i didnt know if anyone would actually be down to play it. I still explore the old server worlds sometimes lol. Let me know what yall think
  3. I downloaded the world and tried searching for my name and i cant find my username or nickname. My username was Insanityxhammer and my nickname was Grant bc I was a donator. If you could get back to me and help me find all my old coordinates that'd be greatly appreciated! This server will forever be my favorite.
  4. Hi its me, Grant! I accidentally made 2 accounts lol but I'm only going to use this one. Sorry for the confusion XD