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  1. Annual Mia Hello

    Hi guys it's my annual checkup on the website so hello and yeah, I can't sleep and i need to help at the school tomorrow. rip me. Anyway, I've been really busy and stuff over the year and I'm really happy with all the stuff I've done! Oh and my birthday is in 3 days or something. For a bit of info on what I've been doing there's this: https://soundcloud.com/meerkatmia/sets/original-compositions and umm... yeah that's it. I mean I have the John Philip Sousa award and Director's Award at my school and then I went to state on my four-mallet marimba solo so yay. Just musical like things ^-^ Oh and I'm drum major at my school now. and if you don't know what any of that stuff is well oh well. but I'm really proud of that stuff so... yeah... anyway I miss you guys sometimes and like to think about all the fun times with all the fun people ^-^ I wouldn't want to go back because I like where I am now but I do miss the silly jokes we made. I certainly don't miss those dead silent calls though where nobody talked because that sucked a lot and that doesn't happen to me anymore XD Oh and I'm silver II on NA on league of legends. Get on my level. (I failed promos rip) And yeah.. Best wishes, Amada Mia or MeerkatMia
  2. Roleplay: Wizardry

    ((Um. I'll be leader I guess)) The leader of Luna walks in and tells the Luna members to sit down with her. They are in opposite sides of the room. Solar on one and Luna on the other. Luna's leader hears Solars's leader yell out something about being late. "Hello Solar." Luna sighs into the microphone which is now on, identical to the Solar side. ((Nicole, mind if we switch roles??, I think it'd be easier XD Because you're in Luna and I'm in solar so we could better control our guilds o.o ))
  3. Roleplay: Wizardry

    (I WAS AT BAND PRACTICE ALL YESTERDAY KAY I'M SORRY <3 YAN MAKE A CHARACTER, JULIA HI HOW ARE YOU OKAY) ((the other guild leader needs to come in and we all need to take our seats )) (Yar doing great, I'm sorry <3 umm someone be Solar's guild leader, go.)
  4. A place where art lives! :3

    Thank you Nicole x3 hehe.
  5. Roleplay: Wizardry

    ((UM I'M FLIPPING A COIN IT'S NICOLE)) The guild leader of Solar walks in and takes her seat in the left of the room and calls Ovi over. As Ovi: "Bye guys." She whispers.
  6. Roleplay: Wizardry

    "I'm in Solar! I heard we were meeting here or something. My mother owns the guild. Same for you, yes, Amaro? Or am I mistaking you for someone else?" Ovi turns to both of them and smiles forgetting the fact that they are in the opposing guild and could possibly pose a threat. ((OKAY SO BASICALLY I'M TRYING TO GET GOOD GROUND TO RUN OFF OF AND I THINK ONE OF US HAS TO PLAY GUILD LEADER TO EACH GUILD AS WELL AS OUR CHARACTER AND THE GUILD LEADER NEEDS TO BE VERY RUDE AND DEFENSIVE. I could obviously be my mother as well as myself considering I'm the only one in the guild >.> but anyway. I will be Solar's guild leader I guess? and you two can fight to the death to figure it out It can either be Amaro's mom or Celeana's mom or neither and Ovi was just mistaken I don't really care, we just need a leader. yeah. Keep in mind the guild leaders get into arguments a lot.))
  7. SO TODAY *takes sip of root beer* *coughs* *clears throat* *waits for crickets* So today, I went a bit crazy and managed to do 4 covers. I sent them to my lovely producer *The amazing Owl Jumbus Timothy New Zealand Sheepy* and he is playing vidja gamz instead of putting together my covers X3 <3 Anyway, they should be out by Wednesday at the latest and I'm going to post them here because I'm very proud of them. I woke up today, sang, played piano, sang with piano, got in a dress to record me singing with a piano, took off that dang dress because let's be real here, no one wears dresses at home, sang some more, listened to other people's songs, sang more, edited more, downloaded more, sang more, got in a crazy rocker outfit, took a bunch of pictures for song covers, took off that crazy outfit because let's be real here, all I ever wear is pajamas, edited the pictures, drank root beer, put on a Texan accent, talked to an English dude and here we are.

  9. Roleplay: Wizardry

    ((TOTAL PLOT TWIST AT 10:46 PM)) Miliana disappears. As Oblivion: "HI THERE!" Ovi screamed at Celeana and Amaro. She was extremely enthusiastic. She sees strange looks from the two. "What are you two all worried about? You act like the world is ending."
  10. Roleplay: Wizardry

    As Miliana: Hello, Celeana, Amaro, welcome to the guild. I see we have a Light wizard. There are only 5 in the world! This is spectacular! I won't ask too many questions. You two might want to figure out strategies before it's too late. I know there are some rough spots with Solar. Things might get bad. Be prepared.
  11. Roleplay: Wizardry

    (We need another person ._. someone force someone to role play with us <3)
  12. A place where art lives! :3

  13. Roleplay: Wizardry

    *sees the users reading this topic* *squeals*