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  1. we're playing golf with friends

    rise up gamers
  2. I Can Predict

    False, I've already seen it (balalala~) I predict the next person will see/ has seen mockingjay
  3. Roleplay: Wizardry

    ((s o m e o n e r e p l y i feel like i did something wrong))
  4. Roleplay: Wizardry

    ((Hey nerds I'm here and im a word that's blocked on this forum so who's ready to rp? I'm gonna do my best to reply at least once a day, so hopefully I keep that up (you can yell at me if I don't) )) Name: Carmen Guild: Solar Age: 15 Wizard Type: Earth About you: from the equivalent of Central America in this au. Pixie cut style dark brown hair and olive skin. Shy around strangers, outgoing in certain circles. She uses her powers mostly to help her get around-being blind isn't easy. Refrains from fighting whenever she can; that is not because of her disability but because she is more of a pacifist. Hates it when she's looked down on. Also hella g a y. (Blocked word too) Special skill: defense First move: Pit- she can open a hole in the ground to swallow up to opponent and leaving them in the dark before shooting them back up into the air. ((So maybe I based her off of toph from atla. But hey, I had the chance to make a cool disabled poc *same blocked word* character and I did)) Carmen enters the room and stops right inside the door, picking up the vibrations from the people and objects in it. Tables and at least four other people, and farther in, more tables and stairs. She walks in more and sits down and the nearest table, knowing that she's getting looks. /This better go well,/ she thinks.
  5. *screams from rooftops* I AM NOT AS FINE AS I SEEM *whispers* pardon

  6. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    let's just say i don't usually have a thing for scary stuff (especially for what happened in episodes 3-6...definitely not my thing), but ghost hunt is actually not what i expected. im around episode 12 and plan to finish it soon! Totally worth recommending to others too

  8. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    Maybe when you announce a new anime you can give a summary about it? Like if it's on Netflix, use that summary or one from the wiki or something And for an anime suggestion, I'm going to say full metal alchemist: brotherhood because it's better than regular fma and you don't need to watch fma beforehand (unless you want to, but it's not needed) Also, the current anime seems interesting, but I've only seen the first episode, so I'm just getting started
  9. LC Anime Club?

    *looks into distance* the weeaboos are coming.... i'm in dude hella fun
  10. Favorite Music Anyone?

    I have too many fav songs to put as links thnks fr th mmmrs -fall out boy this is war -30 seconds to mars save rock and roll -fall out boy miss atomic bomb -the killers mr. brightside -the killers welcome to the black parade -mcr na na na -mcr america's suitehearts -fall out boy girls/girls/boys -panic! at the disco just to name a few c:
  11. ohh, where did the party go?

  12. Haikus... Haikuos?... Haiku

    all day and all night i'm playing this stupid game where did my life go
  13. favorite sao chracters o,o

    idk i like yui man she's cute