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  1. Smh as hard as I can. I think my head fell off just now.. I'm still typing, my head is still shaking furiously.

  2. Hey, You still stink like a pomodoro left out in the sun and pooped on by seagulls. :"D <3

    1. Dan


      So much love. :'D <3

  3. Banned for spam

    We've reviewed this and I think you should be unbanned. Be careful with your keyboard next time, you know you can press ESC to exit chat before making a mess. Also, regarding posting a ban appeal, it's literally the same thing you did here just in the Ban Appeal section: http://www.lodecentral.com/forums/forum/7-ban-appeal/ -Moved to the correct section-
  4. Property of Microsoft.

  5. 1.6 or 1.7 ( or both) world restart for 1.8

    I agree with everything Brandon just said in the post before me. We do have plans for 1.8, but it won't involve a world reset or deleting one of the old worlds. Hopefully what we have in mind will be a good compromise for most people. The Classic world is actually just as populated as the 1.7 one, therefore if we removed that one at this point a lot of people would be upset.
  6. I just downloaded Unity...

    What kind of game is it going to be? Do you have any plans already?
  7. We beat zombieland!

    Great job! XDD By the way, I recently added those trees around the edges as decoration and to cover the fence a little bit, I wanted to give it a more natural look , but I forgot to raise the iron bars! XD so thanks for the reminder.
  8. A place where art lives! :3

    Jess X'D I'm laughing so hard. I can't.
  9. Random story

    I think this is really interesting and original. I like the setting so far and it is open to a lot of possibilities. Definitely keep this up! The only things I've noticed are two little grammar mistakes. In the third sentence: the use of "It's purposes" instead of "Its purposes". The former is a contraction of "it is", the latter is a possessive pronoun. And the second thing is a missing comma right after "Yuthur's sworn enemy". There should be one there to complete the mid-sentence thought - it's a bit like using parenthesis to express a thought without closing it. Other than those silly things, it's looking good to me! I'll be waiting for chapter one.
  10. Wither Stars

    Like Brandon said, the main problem with spawning a wither is that Grief Prevention blocks you from spawning it in the wild or in a claim you're not trusted in. So in order for you to spawn one, you have to stand inside your claim and possibly in a safe environment so it doesn't fly around killing people. I've never heard of the ban on Wither spawning and I've seen people spawning withers a few days ago so it should be fine. Also, I think it would be too easy to sell Nether stars for wither skulls. The idea would make a lot of sense BUT you guys can easily farm wither skulls at the warp "WitherSkeleton" and I know some people already have hundreds of them using this method so it wouldn't be fair. The idea behind the crazy trade at the classic spawn is that it's easier to kill a Wither than to buy a Nether star.
  11. A place where art lives! :3

    Thank you. XD now that you're part of the topic you have to post your stuff. >:3 one of us....one of us....one of us!
  12. A place where art lives! :3

    Boomer from L4D2. XD
  13. A place where art lives! :3

    >:'333 Sorry for the big face and no feet. I can't do feet. Actually I ate them, you already knew I had a thing for bird feet (old inside joke/reference that no one will get XD). : http://imgur.com/2UIjL0R
  14. Server living borders

    I've heard this a few times before actually. A lot of people get easily annoyed if somebody else moves near them, and I'll be honest, if someone moved right next to me I may be annoyed too. But the reality is that our map is open to everyone to build everywhere they feel like it and unless the land is claimed, or clearly soon to be claimed (as it is part of a project you don't have enough claimblocks for yet), no one should ever tell someone that they cannot build in one spot because "it's too close" while at the same time they are not planning on building there either. Now, I do not know whether Amber is planning on doing something with that area or not and I would like to hear her side of the story as well. Now, let's define "too close" and "being right next to" someone. Obviously this topic will be highly subjective, so someone else might have a completely different view on it, but I believe that a good distance between one house and another should be at least 100/120 blocks. This leaves enough room for both users to expand in all directions if they feel like it without monopolizing too much of the map. Of course you can settle right next to someone's house, there are no rules against it, but that might lead to unpleasant situations or people asking mods to World Edit someone else's house to oblivion. XD Another big factor is biomes and land! I think that in some cases if the two users are in two different biomes (even adjacent) the distance of 100 or so blocks can be shortened. The circumstance I'm thinking of is if one of the two people lives on the other side of a mountain or in a foresty biome where their house might be partially or completely covered .. Out of sight out of mind! In the end it all comes down to common sense, this is just my view on it. I would have to take a look at the area and hear from Amber before actually making a decision, but I think you guys can reach some sort of agreement as you are both trustworthy long-time players.
  15. A place where art lives! :3

    I made this today inspired by last night's skype call. I call this "Stupid Sexy Brandon". Obviously, I modified an existing picture. I'm not that good! XD