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  1. A place where art lives! :3

    Me and Brandon on the way to pick up my future wife
  2. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

  3. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    All i can say is i was insta hooked and have been putting my computer at risk to continue the series (i watch it in english on a questionable site) The story is amazing, the animation is amazing, Kamina is the best thing to happen to my life and i cant wait to finish it all
  4. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    Overall i loved Ghost Hunt, i watched the entire series about a week ago and i finished it one 2 days like a boss. My favorite Character is either Lin or Naru, my favorite case has to be the big house one the Brando mentioned, it really took it up a notch.
  5. Haikus... Haikuos?... Haiku

    Go through the portal Adventure in the nether Blood poop everywhere -Allen the famous poet Jackson
  6. Pokemon X and Y

    Im Allen and i approve of this message
  7. Pokemon X and Y

  8. Drawing of Monica

    Boo digital boooo, i just use my phone.. aint no one got time for a scanner
  9. Christmas Spawn :3

    that tree gave me a mental break down.... i was so sad lol, still sad. >.<
  10. Chatroom ain't working o-o

    welp i checked the chat ban list and you arent on it so, its possible that chris was toying with setting and members cant get into chat?
  11. Thanks!

    i think i decided to keep it open :3 until i have decided to work on that part, ill just be workin out side the gates.... and as a rule if you are in zombie land i can kill you with no remorse
  12. Thanks!

    Its okay! no worries
  13. Thanks!

    I hope everyone had a great time at the event. Thank you everyone that showed up and played with us, i had a wonderful time! Post screen shots if you got em! -Allen
  14. Can't get on server

    The halloween event is postponed until the lag and login issues are fixed