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    Photography, Art, Music, Reading. I'm a nerd for W.o.W and Minecraft :) <3

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  1. How do you get a bunch of Pikachus onto a bus? ... You poke 'em on! ;) mauahahaha

  2. I need to get active again .. halp!

    1. נάʍลąŁ


      Wanna join the Faction Role Play? :3

      You can be my next target. >:)


    2. MelBearrr (PoyzenCookie)

      MelBearrr (PoyzenCookie)

      I'm not good at MC roleplay >.>


  3. Pokemmo Mod Gyms Open

    The only thing you need to find yourself are the ROMs. I don't know whether it's ok or not to share URLs on where to find them since technically it's against copyright to the company that provides Pokemon games. And in turn sharing illegal content isn't allowed >.> BUT PokeMMO client and instructions can be found here. http://pokemmo.eu/downloads/
  4. Pokemmo Mod Gyms Open

    > I am preparing my team as we speak. And will have atleast 1 pokemon in my team that will kick your types booty This isn't my official I CHALLENGE YOU .. but a pre-warning of my greatness Question: From what you said Brandon, I assume challengers pokemon have to obey the 50-60 rule in order to challenge gym leaders? Pahaha Brent. Normal room, normal materials. Whites and beiges > "exoh"
  5. Goodbey.

    Correct Allen. Guys .. you know we all love each other. There is not a single person in this community that hasn't connected with at least one other person. I won't pretend to know what any of you are going through. But is this really the answer, and does it really benefit anyone? O_O' It actually just kinda bumms me out a lot of the time. And it makes me apprehensive of coming here as much as I used to. It's not good for our community </3
  6. Goodbey.

    Ok seriously what ..
  7. arena wars videos

    Well that's why Team Brent was awesome, we'd of just accepted you! n_n' Yay Mariah! Thank you so much for this! Sent from my GT-I9100 using Xparent Cyan Tapatalk 2
  8. Grant My Wish

    Granted, but now they can't communicate how it makes them feel. I wish we all lived in the same timezone O.O Sent from my GT-I9100 using Xparent Cyan Tapatalk 2
  9. Halloween Event!

    O_O This sounds terrifying! I don't like the sound of being killed over and over .. Unless it's arena related and I can't lose my inv (lol) Have fun with this
  10. arena wars videos

    It was fun n_n' Ven you totally could have joined, I kinda just pushed in last minute before the matches started XD Mariah, thanks for the video
  11. Dan Appreciation Day!

    O_O I would love to be included in this. If anyone has me on Skype .. invite me to the group if there is one for this Or you can PM me for my Skype.
  12. Dan Appreciation Day!

    This is kinda creepy ... O_O Dan what have you gotten yourself into with that Italian charm >.<

    n_n' ooooo I love YT artists, they have so much talent. My favourites are Toby Turner & Chester See. And this is my favourite cover by Chester: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V0m92S63So
  14. R.I.P

    I can't find the words... I hardly knew him. But I feel so sad. I remember our first encounter; him thanking me for something I said about him, and it made me feel good that he heard me. And I remember him having a phobia of touching, so we all gave him air hugs and telepathic hugs. I can tell from just the brief time I've spoken to him that he was a good person. The tiny positive to this, is he is now at peace and no longer suffering. YNWA Red n_n'<3

    This kinda does mean that your single player worlds can't be updated. But with the 1.6 launcher you can still save it as a profile. So it's still playable! Server wise, the new server sounds exciting n_n' It'll be good for you guys if you got your resources and stuff. Personally I might start playing on this new server, and finally get a grip on SMP O_O (scary prospect haha) "exoh"