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  1. Video Help

    My Channel name is Mariah PlaysMC has the same profile picture as this one!
  2. Video Help

    Hey Guys so as you all know I have a YouTube Channel for minecraft! Well I have run out of people to make a video with. So I need your help! If you want to be in a video on my channel! Reply on this post! Thanks love you all! ~Mariah
  3. Hey guys so a lot of you know that 1 year ago i made a little song for our favorite Italian Dan!! But for those that didn't know or haven't seen it. YOU NEED TO WATCH IT! here ya all go for your enjoyment! and yes I did get Dan's permission to make the video. Enjoy! ~Mariah

    "BILL BILL BILL BILL. BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY." ~part of the Bill Nye theme song.
  5. It's been awhile

    Hi guys. gosh has it been awhile. i have been busy this past year... I have had a rough couple months. there was a time where i honest to god tried to shut everyone out and made everyone believe i was okay when I wasn't. but i'm back now. i have some news. I haven't forgotten about my story "The Tornado." once I actually have time i will post the rest of the finale for my story. i started writing a squeal to The Tornado. it's called The Return of the Tornadoes. I just haven't been myself.. and i shut people out and just go in my room and write fan fiction for hours. sorry this is kinda a sad post. I just wanted you all to know. Where I have been. anyways I will see you all later.. Bye.... ~Mariah
  6. Does anyone remember me?

    WOLF! I COULD NEVER FORGET YOU! you were one of my first friends i made on the server! responding to this now because I have not had my laptop as its broken! D: but im at my moms so i have access to a computer!
  7. Plug DJ: Any Music Of Any Kind!!!

    hey cody thats totally fine!! it will be there when u get your new laptop!!
  8. Plug DJ: Any Music Of Any Kind!!!

    Hey guys so something happend so i made a new community!!!! here it is! https://plug.dj/any-music-any-kind come on abnd jouin me and dont go on my other one please thank u!! ignore my 2nd reply please xD
  9. I Can Predict

    True I saw it Yesterday It was Amazing I Want to go see It again!!! I predict that next person has read the Divergent Trilogy as well as have seen the movie. :3
  10. Got to go see Hunger Games Mocking jay Part 1 Yesterday!! IT WAS AMAZINGG!!

  11. Hey Guys!!! I have been busy so I haven't been able to update my story but i will do that over Thanksgiving break!! Anyways so There is this music listening website called Plug DJ some of you probably may have heard of it anyways I just made a Community con there called Any Music Any Kind and I hope you guys can come and hang out with me and join me!!! here is the link so you guys can get there faster!: hope to see you guys in there! Bye Guys Love you all!!!
  12. The Tornado Finale part 2 Is Coming

    so i should probaly let you know what happend to my cat max just in case you guys are worried! we took into the urgent care a couple weeks ago and the vet said he had urinary infection so they drew his blood but couldnt get the urinal sample because they said he was screaming profanity xD and so they said they would do it in a couple weeks so they gave him medicne and told him to force feed him so we did 2 days later we got the blood results back and it negative so they didnt find anything in his blood. then a week later we took max in to get the urinal sample and to get his rabies shot since he needed one we took him and got the reuslts back a day later and the results were negative so he is healty! just thought you guys should know just incase you got worried!
  13. Hey guys sorry I haven't updated my story The Tornado Finale part 2. I have been really stressed out latley and didn't feel like updateding and then I lost my internnet for 3 weeks so that made me even more stress. I'm stressed out even more today because tonight my school finds out if its closing and when. So these past couple weeks have been nothing but stress i was going to update this week but i was busy and didnt get alot of sleep because I had to take my cat max to the vet urgent care. Don't worry he is fine but we still had to take him. but WAIT THERES MORE! I have started writting the squel to my story it is called...(WAIT FOR IT WAIT FOR IT) The Return of the Torndaos! anyways im done rambing. stay tune for Part 2 of the Finale! Love you guys! -Mariah
  14. Hey guys sorry this is SOOOOOOOOOO late anyways since this story is SUPER Long i am putting the finale in 3 parts! so enjoy part 1 of The Tornado Finale! The Tornado FINALE Part 1 The day that everyone feared for finally came. Everyone was freaking out,crying,saying goodbye. I was super scared I was crying. Jess,Tash,Kelsey,and Krista were calming me down. "Mariah it's going to be okay." Kelsey said. "How do you know Kelsey we all might die?" I said. "Look when I was with Jordan he said he doesn't want to kill everyone the only people he wants to kill is you,Christopher, and Jonus." She said "Thanks Kelsey that makes me feel so much better." I said rolling my eyes. "Look we all know you have a plan to save us." She said. "yeah but I don't know if it's gonna work." I said. "Mariah whatever you need us to do we will do it." Jess said. "Alright Krista gather up the mods,Christopher and Jonus tell them to come in here oh also bring Jack too." I said. "Yes Mariah." Krista said. She goes out of the room and comes back 5 minutes later with the mods, Christopher,Jonus and Jack. "Yes Mariah what's up?" Dan said. "Alright." I said. "Kelsey has informed that Jordan only wants to kill me,Christopher and Jonus." I said. "Well um that's nice." Jonus and Christopher said rolling their eyes. "But don't worry I have a plan to make sure we don't die." I said. "What's the plan? everyone said. I told them the plan. "Well what do you guys think?" I said. "Mariah that plan might actually work!" Brandon said. "You guys really think so?" I said. "Yes we do." Brent said. "Okay then lets go tell everyone else." I said. "Jonus make an announcement and tell everyone to gather and build as many weapons as they can and armor hurry we don't have much time." I said. "Yes Mariah." Jonus said rushing out. "Okay lets do the same." I said to everyone else in the room. "On it Mariah." They said rushing out behind Jonus. "Mariah what about you?" Tash said. "Don't worry about me just focus on the task at hand." I said. Tash nodded and left the room Kelsey followed her out the door. I get off my bed and open my chest and put on armor and gathered and made weapons. I also grab alot of potions as we will need them. I put them in my backpack. I walk out of the room and went to where Jonus was. "Jonus?" I said. "Yes Mariah?" Jonus said."I just want to say thank you for helping me deactivate the windmills." I said. "Your welcome Mariah." He said. "Alright im going to make an announcement and letting everyone know to go to Jess and get potions." I said. "Mariah I can do it if you want." Jonus said. "Sure Jonus go ahead." I said. "Alright everyone listen up!" Jonus said. everyone stopped what they were doing and look at Jonus. "Okay everyone make sure to go to Jess and get potions because we might get split up in battle so we need as many potions as possible and hurry we don't have much time alright before you go and do that Mariah has something to say." Jonus said. "Thank you Jonus." I said. "Alright I know today is a day that might be our last but I know we can do it,it has been an honor to me to be your guys leader I would like to thank Christopher,Jonus, Krista,Jack,and the mods for helping me through this." I said. "Okay time is running out get last minute stuff and meet me and the others at the door." I said. Everyone nodded and went to grab stuff. I went to the door and soon all the mods and Christopher and Jonus were at the door. "Are you guys ready?" I asked. "Yes Mariah how about you? They asked. "I am ready." Soon everyone was at the door. "Alright." I said. "Lets walk out with our heads held high till we get to the arena." I said. "Lets chance who doesn't have armor?" Jonus asked. No one shooked their heads. "Alright lets get going. We walk out the door ready for battle. To be continued in The Tornado Finale Part 2!