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  1. The Agency

    o.o I guess we'll have to see about that
  2. The Agency

    I guess so o.o being more experience with roleplays... Would we wanna reboot? With a new thread? (Sorry for the late response :S forgot to check this place)
  3. I Can Predict

    Yes X.X chapped lips sick I predict the next person has typed right now o.o
  4. I Can Predict

    False I predict the next person has not replied to this thread in quite a while.
  5. Roleplay: Wizardry

    In basic terms; it's literally the more advanced signature version of whatsmyip.com XD
  6. XD So... Back from that school trip and I seem to have "Onbe Winged angel" from Final Fantasy Advent children suck in my head (despite not having actually watched the entire movie yet o.o)

    1. Insane Literature Girl

      Insane Literature Girl

      Come ova to my house! I have advent children ^^

    2. york117


      o.o I kinda wanna now >.<

  7. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    Yup :3 she can really be a tsundere sometimes o.o I also recently found out I have a Tsundere friend X3 (even if I'm still shy around her it's still kinda cool o.o)
  8. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    XD amazingly enough I have a tsundere thing with family members (got that from my mom) X3 but that is cute! I kinda wish I had a tsundere friend to glomp o.o but I'm too awkward to do it even then >.<
  9. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    X3 just saying... I have a soft spot for tsunderes o.o
  10. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    Sorry about the lack of activity! I was away in China and almost completely forgot about this thread. >.< Anyways, I got an anime request! Ookami-san and her seven companions! (unfortunately there's only 12 episode in total so it's easy to finish o.o)
  11. Roleplay: Wizardry

    Amaro quietly waved rather than saying anything from the group of members that had gathered... This wasn't uncommon behavior for him, much less surprising really, he just wasn't one to talk much in times like this.
  12. Roleplay: Wizardry

    ((I was waiting for Mia to say something o.o but you didn't do nothing wrong))
  13. Roleplay: Wizardry

    Amaro waves to Oblivion as she left... He knew how hostile their guild leaders could be to members of their rival guilds, sometimes he wished things like that would be different.
  14. Roleplay: Wizardry

    ((XD I'm not sure either... Spin a spinner?))
  15. Roleplay: Wizardry

    Amaro looked around realizing he wasn't the only one who was worried about the current situation, but he knew standing around, quaking in his shoes wouldn't solve anything. "We need a plan..." He said to no-one in particular spotting the girl not too far from him, the one who he had noticed was also worried "Do you have any ideas?" he asked her a little awkwardly. Amaro was still new to the guild so conversing with others here felt a little foreign to him at the moment, he hoped it was something that wouldn't be sticking around for too long, otherwise communication's going to be a little tough.
  16. The Agency

    York smiled a little and shook his head at Nicoles statement, he did recall being told these new drinks may cause health problems... It didn't seem so though, or at least not with the amounts they drank anyways. Before he could say anything more, the drinks arrived, and it didn't take him much encouragement to take a sip himself. The drink tasted wonderfull... A sort of mixture between "fizzy water" and lemonade, before he knew it he was taking more sips than he could cout and eventually stopped realizing he'd drain the whole glass before their food arrived. He turned towards Nicole again looking a little sheepish "It's... Good." he said with a nod.
  17. The Agency

    York looked more than a little embarassed as he nodded "Thanks... I guess." he said, his voice going a little quiet. This was not an uncommon occurence when he was embarrased, He waited for his drink to arrive not saying a word as of yet, in hindsight it would have done him well to have looked into these things when he had the chance.
  18. Roleplay: Wizardry

    (Nah, you did fine I think o.o though you forgot to put in the first spell :S)
  19. Roleplay: Wizardry

    (You know... I was so tempted to make a character based off of Solaire from dark souls here o.o) Name: Amaro Guild: Luna Age: 16 (not sure if this is right) Wizard Type: Light About you: Amaro was born in a rather Dark place with an abundance of people practicing Dark magic if not earth or water, however he himself found his talent in the light magics. He was often referred to as "the light born from the dark", eventually when he was old enough he joined the Luna clan hoping to one day teach his home-lands the benefits of light magics rather than favoring dark magics. Special skill: Defense First spell: Shooting star - Damage per hit: 50 - Elemental strength bonus; +50 (x2) - Elemental weakness penalty: -25 (1/2)
  20. When worlds collide

    Briefing Alright, Imma start a new rp since I can't get this idea out of my head , but there's a few rules: 1 - Keep things pg and yes that includes sexual content, fade to the back if things start to cross the border >.< 2 - Keep your character balanced between power and weaknesses, so things won't get too over powered (Don't "godmode your character or anything crazy like that , and keep stamina and other things like that non-infinite, it must deplete at some point) 3 - Any out of character talking/conversation should be written in brackets (like this) 4 - Forum rules apply here too (of course XD) I might add onto the rules later, but for now that's all there is, I'll detail it more after you create your characters. Anyways, this rp is a "free-play" type of rp where any character(s) you choose (I'll decide the maximum number per "rper" later XD) will enter the rp (in any matter that fits the intro XD) and interact with each other and his/her/its surroundings however each rper chooses, folowing the rules above of course... Character creation: Name: Gender: male/female/other Race: Height: Appearance: (can be depicted later on if preferred) Items: (you can have them on you or have some or all of them in the pod or whatever atmospheric entry vessel you have (even if it's a meteor XD) History: Personality: Skills/abilities: Weakness's: Aanyways let's get started XS In the vast night sky of an unknown planet in an unknown universe it looked like multiple meteors were streaking through the sky heading towards it, but on closer inspection.. They weren't meteors... They were space-pods, escape pods, and may more varieties of planetary landing devices... Most of them looked like they were used to escape their own territory for unknown reasons...
  21. When worlds collide

    As they were walking, they could see a greenish black looking mist in the distance... When York noticed this he stopped and motioned for the others to do so as well "Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... But I don't think the parasite's presense is completely gone on this planet just yet." He said dropping his voice low down to a whisper, he knew they had whiped out a few scouts, but he didn't realize the flood might have left behind a little "residue" as one would call it. So much for having a little bit of a break before the true threat came.