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  1. The Agency

    o.o I guess we'll have to see about that
  2. The Agency

    I guess so o.o being more experience with roleplays... Would we wanna reboot? With a new thread? (Sorry for the late response :S forgot to check this place)
  3. I Can Predict

    Yes X.X chapped lips sick I predict the next person has typed right now o.o
  4. I Can Predict

    False I predict the next person has not replied to this thread in quite a while.
  5. Roleplay: Wizardry

    In basic terms; it's literally the more advanced signature version of whatsmyip.com XD
  6. XD So... Back from that school trip and I seem to have "Onbe Winged angel" from Final Fantasy Advent children suck in my head (despite not having actually watched the entire movie yet o.o)

    1. Insane Literature Girl

      Insane Literature Girl

      Come ova to my house! I have advent children ^^

    2. york117


      o.o I kinda wanna now >.<

  7. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    Yup :3 she can really be a tsundere sometimes o.o I also recently found out I have a Tsundere friend X3 (even if I'm still shy around her it's still kinda cool o.o)
  8. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    XD amazingly enough I have a tsundere thing with family members (got that from my mom) X3 but that is cute! I kinda wish I had a tsundere friend to glomp o.o but I'm too awkward to do it even then >.<
  9. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    X3 just saying... I have a soft spot for tsunderes o.o
  10. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    Sorry about the lack of activity! I was away in China and almost completely forgot about this thread. >.< Anyways, I got an anime request! Ookami-san and her seven companions! (unfortunately there's only 12 episode in total so it's easy to finish o.o)
  11. Roleplay: Wizardry

    Amaro quietly waved rather than saying anything from the group of members that had gathered... This wasn't uncommon behavior for him, much less surprising really, he just wasn't one to talk much in times like this.
  12. Roleplay: Wizardry

    ((I was waiting for Mia to say something o.o but you didn't do nothing wrong))
  13. Roleplay: Wizardry

    Amaro waves to Oblivion as she left... He knew how hostile their guild leaders could be to members of their rival guilds, sometimes he wished things like that would be different.