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  1. please delete my account, no one's listening to me.


    ask chris about the messages

  2. My old roommate was on AWHU :o


  3. can't connect to server

    should be 1.7.10, if that doesnt work let me know and I'll try to find out for you
  4. can't connect to server

    of the server I mean
  5. can't connect to server

    Yes, I believe that's what it says when the version is outdated
  6. My little brother officially starts college tomorrow, wish him luck XD

  7. Game Crashes When I Attempt to Join the Server

    Np, glad to hear it's all sorted out
  8. It's been a while since I had a free summer XD. But I guess back when I was in middle and high school I mainly enjoyed traveling to Wisconsin in the summer to visit family and have fun at the lake riding in kayaks and canoes and such. I guess you could describe my earlier college summers as some classes with hanging out with friends mixed in it and this summer is paid research which is really fun because I'm getting to do some real designing, building, and testing and all of my coworkers are awesome. Sometimes outside of work, beyond just hanging out to hang out, we play League and Smash and sometimes go to the beach, not a big fan of the beach myself but I guess its fun with friends from time to time XD. Also, on the side I'm keeping up with my work with the baja and formula SAE teams to get the cars designed and built which is always fun. So in a nutshell, lots of work and frustration from time to time, but a lot of fun in the long run.
  9. Game Crashes When I Attempt to Join the Server

    "I tried connecting and it works fine. When I google that error it appears to be a client specific error. When googling it says completely uninstall your client and then reinstall. You have to remove EVERYTHING. Says it is due to a corrupt minecraft install." That's what Chris said about it, otherwise I'm not sure, sorry.
  10. Horse and Nickname problems

    Sorry about that, the horse plugin has been giving us problems for a while now. There isn't currently a fix because it's outdated, but we're hoping to eventually revamp the plugin system. I really wanted to do it earlier this summer but Chris has been incredibly busy and my full time job has taken up even more time than I thought it would. On the bright side though, I'm going to be moving my project from the design to the fabrication phase soon so hopefully that means more free time outside of work which will hopefully lead to more time to get going on the server stuff. Again, really sorry about the hold up.
  11. Finally got my first paycheck for engineering :'D.

  12. Destiny House of Wolves

    Update: Big fan of the new strike XD
  13. Hey guys, I just wanted to make a few things clearer regarding the update for the forums. 1. As you can tell by me posting this in announcements instead, we do not currently have a shoutbox, but Christopher has already requested it so we will have it back as soon as the developers finish it, so it will be coming back, don't worry 2. If you're having log in problems, the log in is no longer username based. To log in either use your display name from the forums or the email you used to sign up; your password should still be the same. 3. By the way, the chat room is back so feel free to use that Anyways, hope this helped; we'll keep you guys updated as things are added back :D.
  14. Destiny House of Wolves

    So, I just got back to my apartment after some time home for my brother's high school graduation and I was finally able to download the new dlc for Destiny and I was just wondering what the opinions were of the people who play the game. Personally I've been enjoying it so far with the new social area, missions, and weapon type of sidearm. It's kind of weird that they didn't include a new raid, but I haven't done any raid yet so it doesn't really affect me as much XD. Anyways though, I've been having fun with it as a whole but I was just wondering what you guys thought about it, maybe some insight on the new gamemodes as well since I haven't gotten to them yet.
  15. Minecraft Server Welcome Message Issue

    Yeah, that's part of a series of things that are currently wrong with the server as a result of moving it over. As soon as we possibly can Chris and I plan to go over and restructure everything so that it will work better than ever before :D. Just gotta find time is the tricky part XD.