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  1. Anime this season

    //strolls on in For the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, I'd recommend Kissanime or soul-anime. For the second season, I suggest animeshow I haven't watched it yet, but I've heard Death Parade is pretty good! And the second season for Durarara and Kamisama Kiss are being aired too.
  2. How Is Everyone?

    oMG sorry for the super late response. But yeah Tsukiyama's poor character development ;A; Touka and Juuzou are both wonderful! And ahh that sounds like a lot of fun, good luck with your cosplay. Juuzou's backstory is so sad, he is a precious child that needs a defense squad, yes.
  3. How Is Everyone?

    Aw, I'm glad that you're doing okay! aND YOU DO? Have you seen the second season yet? It's not that awful, but Tsukiyama's character development rip I'm kinda curious, who's your favorite character? Mine's probably pretty obvious despite Ayato being trash personified, I think he's pretty cool.
  4. How Is Everyone?

    JOHNNNNNNNNN ILY welcome back from your tomb
  5. How Is Everyone?

    Oh Brandon, that sounds super exciting! Busy I'm sure, but it must be a lot of fun. Congratulations on getting accepted! Good luck with all the things you're doing ;v; make sure not to overwork yourself. OMG Anna yes it is Ayato! I'm surprised that you recognized him c: how have you been? Aw, good job Nick! I'm sure you're not bad at school if you got accepted into three of them c: that's definitely something to be proud of. I didn't know that you've been scouted by a high school soccer couch - that's super exciting! I wish you good luck with starting high school and soccer if you plan on doing it.
  6. How Is Everyone?

    Hi! It's been a while since I've been active here. I've been missing you guys, and I can't help but wonder how you're all doing. I hope that you're all doing well. Any life updates? How was your day? c:
  7. Giving out a free VIP on the server

    Hello again everyone! I used the randomizer, and the winner is Cody (mrpicklesthepig) Thank you all for entering, and have a great valentines day! >w< -Jolly
  8. Giving out a free VIP on the server

    Jess and Christopher have great reasons
  9. Giving out a free VIP on the server

    Thanks Jack and Nicole x3 owo
  10. Hello everyone I have decided to give out a free VIP to a lucky person! Please, do not bribe me or anything xD it wont change anything. It is going to take a week, but I hopefully not anymore. If you'd like to enter, here's how. (Reply to the topic in this format please x3) Your in game name: What you'd like your name to become: Reason why: If you're wondering how I will pick the person, I'm going to use an app to randomize all the people that have entered. Also if you are almost never on the server, I may not put you in the randomizer. But if I see you on at least every once in a while, I will. When I pick the person, I will let you know. Please, do not keep asking me about it either. Thanks for reading! - Jolly
  11. Flappy Bird

    shh it's ok my high score is 10
  12. Flappy Bird

    So, there is a game called Flappy bird. You seem to either love it, or hate it. You pretty much just have to get this small pixel bird to not die on these giant green poles that look like the ones from Mario. Anyways, if you want to play it you can get it on the app store for free. But be warned.. it'll take over your mind @-@ that's all.