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  1. Count to 1337!

  2. I Can Predict

    False, I already graduated I predict the next person is feeling nostalgic.
  3. I Can Predict

    True, otherwise its just noise to me I predict the next person already forgot its 2015 now.
  4. "Photographic memory! Remember to put in film, or its digital!?" - my fortune cookie o_o

  5. I Can Predict

    What's a divergent trilogy? False! I predict the next person didn't expect ME to reply! HA!
  6. Haikus... Haikuos?... Haiku

    Wildly swift I flee Its ruthless grasp I tear free No TV for me
  7. Back from Texas o_o

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. נάʍลąŁ


      Yeah, from the plane it looked like everyone had a pool in their back yard! o_o

    3. Insane Literature Girl

      Insane Literature Girl

      Hueh hueh hueh >:3

      Why didnt you visit me?! D:

    4. נάʍลąŁ


      Next time there's a LodeCon in Texas, I will! ;D

  8. Randomly going on a trip to Texas this summer. o_o

    1. Kable


      But why? Delaware, Colorado is a way better place XD

    2. ElijahStandingStill


      Texas is a really bad place to take a trip, man.

    3. נάʍลąŁ


      More like I have to, rather than want to XD

  9. Count to 1337!

  10. Count to 1337!

  11. Count to 1337!

  12. Let the HICCUP-pocalypse begin!

  13. We are all robots. o_o

  14. White as Snow: Part II and III

    Yeah, I never realized that before. o_o Is it... Andy's dad? ;_;
  15. White as Snow: Part II and III

    Amaaaaaaaaaaazing! XDDDDDDDDDD