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  1. Jess, if you ever see this please delete my account

  2. Total Eclipse

    We got a pretty cool view of it here in Scotland, Nothing as amazing as that though *-*
  3. Does anyone remember me?

    Wolf how could we forget you! :') The server has been down for a while getting updated and moved around and in the process we've lost a lot of people... Hopefully once the server is up and running again people will come back! But for now things are a little crazy, I hope you're doing okay though! <3
  4. A place where art lives! :3

    Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe! :')
  5. A place where art lives! :3

    I think I have to award this with best artwork on this thread... Look at detail of the shield... stunning!
  6. It's been a long time...

    Hi Leppy! Welcome back! :3

    I just meant a flower party ;-;

    Okay, Draw a flower rave

    This thread needs to come back, I loved this idea :')
  10. A place where art lives! :3

    A more realistic version of the SI crew! :') I hope you guys like it!
  11. potential grief

    I can hop on the server now and check for you if you want? :3
  12. A place where art lives! :3

    Oh my god, David X'D
  13. A place where art lives! :3

    A little dancing theme here! :3
  14. A place where art lives! :3

    Pin up style Merida! :'3
  15. A place where art lives! :3

    Your Gavin gif makes me laugh everytime I see it X'D It doesn't help that it's on a loop XD