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    I've recently been play a lot of fallout new vegas, mainly role-playing a survivalist. I'm really interested in Fallout and Elder Scrolls lore. For elder scrolls lore my main focus is Dunmer and Dwemer lore, though those are my main focuses I try my best to learn about the lore in general. For fallout lore I'm just working on lore as a whole, but I want to learn more about pre war stuff such as: companies,life style, and robotics. On the topic of fallout, the sound tracks for both Fallout 3 and New Vegas have shaped the type of music I listen to, so now I mainly listen to music from the 30's, 40's, and 50's. I do listen to other types of music such as: heavy metal, country, and classical. (Weird combination of music but it's what I like). I don't
    Play sports and I don't really have friends outside of lode, and I barely talk to them but I still count them as friends. I do archery, but I have practiced in a while so I don't know if I'm any good any more, I doubt I could hit the side of a barn but I have fun anyways. I don't really play minecraft anymore but I might start up again. Also I love house Telvanni,and I seem to watch a lot of blue bloods.

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  1. I just finished going back and deleting quite a lot of statues, most of then were from 2013. And god damn I was a little ***** back then. Always complaining like a deva. I really hate how I was back then. I don't think I was rude to people, but I'll apologize for being an idiot most of the time,annoying, and/or self-centered attention whorish. I don't know why I was like this nor do I want to know. Something's are better left unknown. 

    1. VulpesGraham (Cody)

      VulpesGraham (Cody)

      It feels good to say that, I've wanted to face the past for a while now and after doing it I feel good. I guess the self-hating part of me has continued to be a defining personality trait. I still am depressed, self-negative, I'm more often then not lonely, my grammar is still bad,  and I regret a lot of things. Hell I might even regret posting this. In the end we all have flaws some have more then others, some live by them. Others try and fix them, but no matter how hard we try and fix them or hide them. They're still here, we'll never fix them, we are after all just h 

    2. VulpesGraham (Cody)

      VulpesGraham (Cody)

      Humans,( damn thing cut me off) we'll never be perfect, just isn't possible. Are flaws are a part of us. They define us, unite us, and mold us in to the people we'll be in the future. We also have good traits. Anyways pointless and unneeded rambling aside, it seems I've changed topics from what I originally posted. Looking back on what I posted minutes ago, I see I made a few mistakes in writing this post.  That's fine, being meaningful isn't something I'm too good at. I even forgot what I wanted to say. I guess that's it, I wish I could of done this better and stayed on topic. Now  all this is, these 3 posts, is rambling bull***t trying to be meaningful

    3. VulpesGraham (Cody)