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  1. When worlds collide

    " kaaz los onik nuz revak" Celedaen whispered as he casted a spell to cloak himself and followed the group. (well in elder scrolls cat humans are called khajiit)
  2. When worlds collide

    "This is surely an odd group of beings" whispers Celedaen as he watches the group. Celedaen Begins to move behind the group
  3. I've been pushing off asking this for a while but with 1.8 around the corner Its now or never. So I was wondering if we could restart one of the world for 1.8. I've been bored of the 1.7 world, and the 1.6 world is dead 90% of the time, and i was think maybe if we restart a world (or both) people will want to play on it more. With people wanting more people to join, have towns the people actually use and live in and the server backed like it was when Monica was still the owner. Maybe If we restart more people will join, I know some people don't like the idea of a restart, but another thing i was thinking of was having more events like we did with Monica (ex: when Monica filled are inventory with white wool.) And maybe we could have server wide arena tournaments, and other fun stuff. Its up to staff to decide, but I personally think a restart would be great and everyone would be back to ground zero and we'd all have more time to bound and stuff as we go back to the basics.
  4. When worlds collide

    (100% creepy old guy stalker mode active)
  5. Hogwarts Roleplay!!

    I got hufflepuff
  6. I Can Predict

    False i never stopped i predict the next person likes cheese
  7. When worlds collide

    (Yeah he's based off of my Dunmer from Skyrim, even tho this character is a Aldmer (And for anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about this should cover it : for Aldmer http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Aldmer )
  8. When worlds collide

    Name: Celedaen Gender: other Race: Ghost of an elderly elf Height: 7'3 Appearance: skinny, Trans blue skin, knot beard, long hair. Items: a few random books and scrolls, a pair of magic hooded robes History: was a powerful Mage in The Summerset isles, but casted a spell that gave him life after death. Personality: Elderly (gets confused alot, gets easily tired bad hearing) Wise, Friendly. Skills/abilities: random Frost damage spells, more random spell in other schools of magic, ghostly powers. Weakness's Fire, Sparks (lightening) Celedaen watched the group fight from a far. Celedean watched as the Odd short Nord fought the young elf. "he's quite short for a nord" he whispered to himself.
  9. When worlds collide

    york hasn't been on for a month or so o,o
  10. The Agency

    First could you give me a recap of what happened?
  11. The Agency

    I'll work on it right now
  12. The Agency

    Mia left, But i guess we could start it up again, i already have an idea on how to bring it back.
  13. I Can Predict

    What topic is this? True I predict the next person doesn't knows the intro song for the game my profile pic comes from
  14. I just downloaded Unity...

    Assassin's Creed unity ???? lucky panda you must work for ubisoft. (jk) That's Great, i can't wait.
  15. New Server Members?

    I think it should be a spawn egg of player choice instead of a diamond.
  16. Shutting Down - Farewell!

  17. Random story

    I loved it, I hope you'll post more of it!
  18. Server living borders

    So I just have a small question and story i guess. (i really Don't know how to go about dealing with this) Today I was looking for a place to build a new house and live and i found a few nice place near dark forest. Amber happened to live near by the area i found so i sent the call request thing and asked her to tp me to where she was so i could get to the area i wanted to live. she didn't respond so i sent a one every once in a while till she'd bring me cause i just guessed she was afk. so after a while she responded and said no. So i just walked to the area. when i got there i told I got to where i want to go and she got mad beacuse i was to close to wear she lived. we started an small fight i guess which end in me having to find a new area to live because she said i was intentionally frustrating her so i just headed to a new area. So i just wanted to ask what is too close, Like in biomes because i was in the middle of the next biome. And if a mod could help deal with the problem. i may of left out some things by accident so I'd ask amber for her side of the story tomorrow and i guess decide off of that. (I'm sure you'd do that anyways)
  19. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    I suggest black butler o,o (i have no idea if thats mainstream and everybody and there grandma watches it)
  20. A place where art lives! :3

    I will when i get home this weekend
  21. A place where art lives! :3

    That is amazing Dan.
  22. |OFFICIAL| LC Anime Club

    i can't find a site that has this weeks anime.
  23. Server living borders

    well I should be on the server most of the day so when ever you get the chance to be on i should be online
  24. Server living borders

    14828 65 3030. Its near the world border i don't know if that's a problem or not. Oh 1.7 world