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  1. Does anyone remember me?

    wolfie y u unfriend me from steam meanie face
  2. I Can Predict

    Hahah (Late reaction) (Not part of game, sorry)
  3. I Can Predict

    Nah, vidya gaems all the way. I predict the next person doesn't know what to predict. (like me)
  4. Wrong Answer

    By paying the electricity bill. How do you tie a tie?
  5. Wrong Answer

    When you smell smoke. What is the best video game ever?
  6. I'm Back! Animal crossing, Christmas, countdown

    Good thing inspect element exists so I can actually read this post.
  7. I'll Miss You Garfield...

    Losing a pet sucks. My dog passed away earlier this year from pancreatitis. Sadly she was only 4 years old, but I'd rather have her die at a young age than be sick any longer.
  8. Claim Problems

    I don't remember doing so, maybe I forgot it was there and made my claim smaller or something. I didn't mean to get you in trouble, I just wanted this resolved.
  9. So

    Now I feel bad for only wearing black socks.
  10. Claim Problems

    Sorry, my bad. Those are the wrong coords. It's actually at 7275, 66, 939. My username is TroubleTRBL7.

    Comic Sans isn't even close to being the worst font. Cut it some slack.
  12. Claim Problems

    I built a quartz house a long time ago to test the new 1.5 stuff when it first came out. I remembered about it recently and decided to go back to it, but when I did, it said that I didn't have permission to do anything. There is also a trail of random blocks next to it, chests in it that are not mine in it, and wither skulls around it. I am certain that I had claimed it. It is located at (727, 2939) and is 66 blocks high. Perhaps your claims are deleted if you don't visit them after a certain amount of time? If they are, is there a way to get them back?
  13. Extra DLC from the Humble Bundle

    Well if you want to gift it, it gives you a link to a site where you log in to get a key. Also, some games require keys on launch even if you've already added it to your library. It's just DLC so you'd need the actual game first anyways
  14. I bought this week's Humble Bundle, but it came with some DLC and games I already had/didn't want. I gave away most of them, but I still have DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins and Lord of the Rings Online. If anyone wants the keys for these, either send me a PM on the forums or add me on Steam and I can send you the keys through chat. ↓The link to my Steam is in my signature.↓
  15. e.e