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  1. This place is a ******* ghost town

    Monica has a discord, add me and I'll invite you. Username is cuppa차#2525
  2. This place is a ******* ghost town

    We should make a Discord server.
  3. This place is a ******* ghost town

    He liviiiin dude how is this place like still up
  4. This place is a ******* ghost town

    I expected it to not exist but it's still here. Like a ******* nuclear bunker whose owners have died
  5. Can we like ironically revive this? Is Chris even still alive?
  6. fanfik

  7. yo WHAT the ****

    it censored it
  8. Annual Mia Hello

    mia hi
  9. GUYS HI

    it's me hello
  10. Game Crashes When I Attempt to Join the Server

    ​Reinstalling everything fixed it. Thanks.
  11. The report says "ticking screen." (full report at the bottom) I've tried changing my client, but anything past 1.8 says it's outdated. That's about all I've tried cause I don't know what else to do. I don't have any mods installed at all. Full crash report: