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  1. ay

    what yall upto
  2. This place is a ******* ghost town

    Monica has a discord, add me and I'll invite you. Username is cuppa차#2525
  3. This place is a ******* ghost town

    We should make a Discord server.
  4. This place is a ******* ghost town

    He liviiiin dude how is this place like still up
  5. This place is a ******* ghost town

    I expected it to not exist but it's still here. Like a ******* nuclear bunker whose owners have died
  6. Can we like ironically revive this? Is Chris even still alive?
  7. fanfik

  8. yo WHAT the ****

    it censored it
  9. Annual Mia Hello

    mia hi
  10. GUYS HI

    it's me hello
  11. Game Crashes When I Attempt to Join the Server

    ​Reinstalling everything fixed it. Thanks.