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  1. Video Help

    I would totes be up for that whats your channel name again?
  2. Just thinking most people have completed Minecraft to end game, why not add some server mods? Like Railcraft and biblio craft? Nothing big just some more things to build maybe even Archimedes Ships mod? Its just a fun idea to get people playing again
  3. Evening People, So ive been playing on the server a lot recently and noticed no one comes on, what happened? It would be nice to see more people on the server as it get lonely building alone XD Also another warning to players, because of updates and stuff some claim plots have dropped so if you want to keep your plot makes sure you hop on and re-claim it - Josh
  4. So since Mojang/Microsoft has introduced name changes i thought i would remove the numbers in my user name, as doing this My horses no longer belong to me nor does the nickname given to me XD, my chests still open so at least that addon is ok XD
  5. Destiny House of Wolves

    House of wolves bug me, im just doing a lovely moon patrol then boom [??] lvl aliens come out of no where XD and slaughter my pool lvl 15 warlock XD
  6. Sytih's 3D Minecrafty Stuff!

    Not gonna lie this was fun, i had to find a witch rig and rip the hat off her then edit the base witch skin and upload my own and that's not fun Also new Skin merging my old old one and my new jacket
  7. Sytih's 3D Minecrafty Stuff!

    For Dans Birthday Enjoy dat cake!
  8. Sytih's 3D Minecrafty Stuff!

    Yhe First in a few Desktop Backrounds
  9. Sytih's 3D Minecrafty Stuff!

    Krista i don't know how to feel about that Pun
  10. Sytih's 3D Minecrafty Stuff!

    He's meant to be sitting enjoying the grass land, Thankfully its just a test XD
  11. Sytih's 3D Minecrafty Stuff!

    Oh hi Der Dan Jess Krista Me
  12. Sytih's 3D Minecrafty Stuff!

    Dan, Krista, Jess, Allen and Myself in a test scene
  13. A Topic where i post Pictures of my 3D Work! I take Requests
  14. Having some real problems with trying to think about what to build, if anyone has an idea post it down bellow :3

    1. Jack


      Build a modern day big city with skyscrapers and such

  15. My Compund is starting too look good! Theres real trees now!