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  1. how is this place still alive

  2. How WE play minecraft like a boss

    Needs moar shaders
  3. The Pet Peeve Off

    My pet peeves! When mothers use their children as human shields, leaving them in a shopping cart and then parking that shopping cart sideways at the beginning of an aisle so no one else can pass through. When parents don't respect their children enough to treat them with common courtesy as a human being. I heard one child calling out "Mom. Mom. Mom! Mom!!" Over and over just getting louder and louder while their mother just ignored them. You're not teaching your kid to be quiet and to stop trying by ignoring them, you're teaching them that they have to go through more extreme measures just to get your attention.
  4. Poll - What Will Our New Name Be?

    LodeFacer - Its like a Lode to the Face!
  5. Poll - What Will Our New Name Be?

    I'd still vote for it.
  6. An Ass is a Donkey. Half-Ass would be a Mule. *technicalities*
  7. The SAME community, A NEW name.

    While I don't have an alternative, these all sound like porn o_o
  8. Nicknames

    You could considered them as grandfathered in. Before Names were only applied to, well, "special people" (Read: People who we usually couldn't tell apart due to their names being similar to Dm0r2836) These were not given out upon their request, and were upfront denied for asking. Donation system which allows for nicknames is to give power to players to be able to do it for themselves without admin intervention for a fee (to reduce abuse of the system) Do not Donate to "buy a nick name", Donate if you want to donate. If you are truely embarassed over an account name you can either wait till Mojang comes out with a system to change ingame names or instead of donating 20 bucks or so to a server for the ability to change your name once, you could just buy a second minecraft account for that price o_o...
  9. Nicknames

    Fun Fact: Last year we allowed people to change their own names for a total of 3 hours. Reason it was removed was because there were about a dozen Jeb_s, Notches, Tobuscuses and PewDiePies within the first 10 minutes.
  10. Minecraft 1.6.1

    Horses will generally spawn in Plains-like biomes. Possibly hills and forests too. However since they will be in pre-loaded chunks they won't instantly appear (Current Passive Mob Mechanics), the chunk needs to remain loaded for them to get a shot at spawning. Spawn is always loaded and if your house is in or near a plains biome, you'll have more luck than others.
  11. wither icon

    Interesting notion but I don't think theres a setting for just withers o_o Though when you are within a chunk loaded radius of a wither, it's HP bar becomes visible.
  12. Ban Appeal

    Appealed- Most likely someone seen your character position offset from what it actually was. Its an old minecraft glitch.
  13. [SMP] MyLittlePony6

    You destroyed one of the ships and stole it's wool and dispensers as well. I remember this one despite it being several months old.
  14. [SMP] Sodj

    Just going to throw this out here. Rei's Minimap does not have Entities enabled by default in SMP- It is coded to receive explicit permission from a server to "allow" it to be used. If you were banned for X-Raying it was most likely not for Entity Detection.