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  1. Hey guys so I feel like I'm not active enough on here so here you go. What do you like to do in the summer? Like swimming, traveling, etc.
  2. RIP

    Wow for some reason it took me forever to access my account again
  3. Total Eclipse

    I guess I couldn't of seen it from here ;-; oh well I'll probably be able to see one sometime in my life
  4. Anime this season

    I'm planning on watching Death Parade too so I hope it's good. :3
  5. Anime this season

    Well what I do is find websites that stream episodes for free. There are a whole lot of ads but it's worth it!
  6. I have handcuffs

  7. Anime this season

    My time has come. I've seen One Piece and Psycho Pass, and I've been interested in Parasyte (Is that how you spell it?) I've been watching Tokyo Ghoul lately and I'm going to start watching K-on and Orieme. Black Butler also just got a new arc and I need to see it, apparently it's a movie.
  8. The Agency

    I think that's a good idea. But I don't know if Mia is around...
  9. How Is Everyone?

    YES I WATCH THE NEW EPS EVERY WEEK and I agree Tsukiyama hasn't had the character development he deserves. My favorite character is probably either Touka or Juuzo. I have a lot in common with Touka and am even planning on cosplaying her, and I love Juuzo because he is a cute deadly baby that needs to be protected.
  10. How Is Everyone?

    I've been ok thx for asking. I LOVE TG AND I'M HONESTLY SURPRISED I WAS RIGHT
  11. Aaarrrmmmiiiinnnn

  12. How Is Everyone?

    Heyy Kelly what's up? Is that Ayato in your profile pic?
  13. The Agency

    Yoooo I just remembered this
  14. I'm very sick ;-;