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  1. A Pretty Punny Video

    LOL that was great. But we all know I wouldn't need a pun gun to be the Punlord. Though I would enjoy making scott and allen more punny LOL that was great. But we all know I wouldn't need a pun gun to be the Punlord. Though I would enjoy making scott and allen more punny
  2. A Pretty Punny Video

    I keep forgetting to watch this by the time I get home, will try this weekend
  3. Second Chance Program

    It's also worth reassuring everyone that we'll be keep an extra eye on the server (I used the power of puns to grow a third) for trolls. I have my PunHammer ready to take action if they harass anyone in anyway. Also note that sexually inappropriate innuendos are not allowed. Random note but some people have been pushing that boundary a bit too far lately.
  4. Pun Factor!

    chill Cody chill I use my official punlike powers to make Amber an honorary judge on Punfactor
  5. Pun Factor!

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that first pun has been overused, but that second one is Xcelent. You avoid being hit in the face with the pun hammer for now
  6. Punitiates Unite!

    12 vs 3 so far. I know we can raise it to 20 vs 3. All punitiates will receive a special punitiate sword at some point in the future Not that it's a bribe. Punitiates have to have some kind of badge, just so happens that this badge is pointy
  7. Punitiates Unite!

    Sorry, I tend to not make PUNctual replies
  8. Punitiates Unite!

    Here's your chance, show the Anti-Puns what you are made of!!! Votes Puns.
  9. Drawing of Monica

    Oooooo looks fancy, I am sad at how much better your handwriting is than mine!
  10. Christmas Spawn :3

    Frosty the Broman is impressed that he has a new friend (Jon Snuh)
  11. Claim Problems

    This is an old claim so I'm not sure what decision to make here. It is tempting to let anna keep it because she's had it for so long, so surely you would've noticed this at some point. But, if anna is willing to give it back to you then I'm sure you two can get this sorted yourselves when you're both in-game. No ones getting in trouble
  12. Claim Problems

    The claim is currently owned by AnnaJellicle13. Additionally there are logs for the chests in there with AnnaJellicle13 adding/removing stuff in those chests since the 28th of May this year. However. I can see that you did the actual construction of this place on the 20th of March this year. Did you give the claim away to anyone or perhaps removed the claim to free up some claim blocks?
  13. Claim Problems

    I went to x=727, y=100, z = 2939 and it was just water. Is this in a special world or anything?
  14. it may have been the bat snowmen :P If you leave me the co-ords I'll come clean it up when I'm next on

  15. damn and dammit

    I'll agree with Brandon on this, but I also agree with you, damn and dammit are not considered a cuss word in my house, there's a lot worse we could say