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  1. Memories

    Hey Pine! I'm glad this was something you will cherish in your memories forever! I too have made many friends on the internet throughout the years. A good community can help you grow in many ways. Keep good people around Cheers!
  2. World Download

    Hey guys! It's been a while. Much love. Here is the map world files that you can download and import: SMP 1.7: https://mega.nz/#!SY8HXAbT!ldrupTVo1q1OSudbsIPNULdxP-7qDJ_ICo5CdlWE1dM World: https://mega.nz/#!zF92SbZT!52ZqTqWIm6Jt2crhuO3p1E7Mwekxo-LYzSMVp76MQIc
  3. yo WHAT the ****

    yo dawg
  4. how is this place still alive

    OMG INBD (we love you)
  5. Chris, I messaged you about this a long time ago.


    Please just delete my account, I don't want it anymore

  6. Updated to Latest Forum Software

    Hey guys, I just updated the forum to the latest version of the Forum software. It's quite different, but the performance is much faster. The theme we had is lost, which is a bummer because I like it - however, once a Minecraft theme get's made for this forum I will update it! Thanks Christopher
  7. Server Back Online

    Just migrated the forums back to my main server and was able to get the minecraft server back online. Sorry it took so long Love you guys! -Christopher
  8. Moved Host

    Had a failed hard-drive on my main server - while that is being fixed I switched the domain over to another one of my servers. Didn't think to move the sites over sooner - sorry for the downtime. This server is not powerful enough to host the actual minecraft server so that will be down until I can get the main server restored. No idea on an ETA right now. Probably a week or so? I am lucky I was able to get a backup hours before the server failed. -Christopher
  9. Recent Downtime

    Hey guys, Sorry for the recent downtime. We were getting hit by a 500GB DDoS all because I exposed an exploit and flaw in the LizardSquad DDoS tool website. I posted it on twitter and the tweet went semi-viral and got posted on a security website where they acknowledged me for exploiting their system. That really made the LizardSquad (s)kids angry and since then they have been DDoSing my servers. No worries now though, I have moved over to a way more powerful DDoS protected server. We shouldn't have anymore downtime The reason I posted the exploit was because LizardSquad was responsible for taking down Sony and Microsoft on Christmas. They are terrible people and should be brought to justice. Anyways, we are back up and running! Note: This attack did not affect our Minecraft server, only our website.
  10. I have a concern

    I am getting married! #IJustBeatRealLife Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  11. Sorry I have been away!!!

    Thanks guys! I hit another road with taking classes this summer. I'll definitely be on soon and the plans to get this all changed will be underway. I also wanted to ask how active is the server? Does it get a high volume of people anymore? Maybe we need to do some more advertising?
  12. Sorry I have been away!!!

    Hey guys, Sorry I have been absent for such a long time! Life has been extremely busy! I just recently got engaged (yay!) I'll post some pictures AND I will officially complete my first semester of Graduate school next week!!!!! (Hoping I pass finals ) This news comes with more good news for the server! This summer I only have one online class, which will give me time to re-vamp the server and add some more servers to the mix (Creative/Factions/Pixelmon?) Anyways, just thought I would let you all know I haven't forgot!!!! Here is some pics from the proposal (and a video if you wanna watch lol) SEE YOU ALL SOON!!!
  13. Server Weirdness

    Looks to be a time bug - I am fixing it now. Here is some info on the problem for those who want to read about it:
  14. So.. I did an Art Competition

    What about me