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    Server Updated to 1.6.2

    By Christopher,

    The wait is over and the SMP server has been updated to 1.6.2, 


    Thank you all so much for testing out the beta server and letting me know all the issues that you were receiving - it helped me fix all the plugin issues on the main server. 


    We now have horses! Yay! If you go to spawn you will be able to see our horse shack as well as the stables - Horses are for sale at the stables for 3 apples and 3 diamonds.


    If you want to get to the stables quickly you can type "/warp stables"




    As for the factions server - Updating that is going to take a little more time since the plugins for that server are sufficiently more complex and still have a few incompatible ones.



    That's all for now friends! Stay tuned for some more server news!




    By MissMoonica,

    I have decided to completely step down from both the SMP and Faction 'Mooster' servers because of personal feelings. I do not feel they are my servers and in no way contribute to them like I did the first 8-9months of when I started them. I can not run them as efficiently as Christopher and don't have the resources to keep them up myself. So I am handing them COMPLETELY over to Christopher to run as his OWN servers and I assume many of you will continue playing on them as usual. I want to thank all the AMAZING volunteers (especially my amazing Jonus, who has donated so much time) that have helped me, and the amazing friends I have made connecting to my Moosters via the servers. I wish I had the time, money, and resources to run the servers by myself but I simply cannot and I don't wish to put my name on something I do not work hard on myself and don't hardly even participate in. You can still contact me through the forums (they will stay up, though Christopher might make it more Minecraft themed and do one spot for Moosters, or something...) and I hope to hear from you all regularly and maybe we can start doing TF2 playdates again (: <3 

    All my love, Monica

    1.6.2 Beta Server Updated

    By Christopher,

    Hello once again MOOsters,


    I have just updated the BETA mooster server and need your input! Please get on and play for the next few days and post any bugs you may find here. This REALLY helps me, and the sooner I find the bugs, the sooner I can update both the FACTIONS and the SMP server!!!! Yay!


    If you would like CREATIVE mode please post your username and that you want creative - I am giving creative mode on the beta server for free that way you all can test things out. 





    The BETA server address is:


    Current BETA Server Version: 1.6.2






    Minecraft 1.6.1

    By Christopher,

    Hello my amazing moosters! Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about you! I am really anxious to update both the factions server and the SMP server to minecraft 1.6.1 however due to some compatibility issues I can't at this time. I am sure within the next week both servers will be up to date. As far as the confusion on getting horses. I am rather sure horses are treated like mobs and that they spawn randomly throughout the server. This means you WON'T have to go to unloaded chunks to get them. I could be wrong but I am fairly certain that I am right. Stay tuned! YEEEEEHAAAAAAAWWWW! -Christopher

    SMP Store Launched

    By Christopher,

    Hello fellow moosters!

    I have been away for a while but I promise you I haven't stopped thinking about you! For the past month Jonus and I have been working on bettering both the factions server and the SMP server - and in order to do that I have had to upgrade the server to keep up with all the new things we are offering (such as the factions server) - With great upgrades comes great expenses (Sorry, was going for a lame Spiderman joke... Not funny?) And in order to keep up, we are going to open a store for the SMP server!

    Thanks for all those who have donated for the factions server thus far! Your contributions made the server upgrade possible! Now it's simply as matter of maintaining it from month to month. I will be creating a (not) funny video, when we get more plugins, of me talking about the store and what you need to keep in mind when buying gear and stuff on the SMP server. However, for now I will just list some important things. Be sure to read all of it because it is very important. Due to the nature of how the store is implemented, all past donations will not carry over. Also, Factions server donations are completely separate from the SMP server.

    First things first, here is what we are currently offering:

    • Pets
    • Marriage
    • FireWork Arrows 
    • NickName 
    • Hats 
    • Armor Kits
    • Armor Kits + Enchant
    • Weapons
    • Weapons + Enchant
    • Claim Blocks


    SMP Gold Package - $5

    • Hats
    • 1000 Claim Blocks
    SMP Iron Package - $10
    • Hats
    • Pets
    • 9 More enderchest slots
    • 1000 Claim blocks
    SMP Diamond Package - $20
    • Hats
    • Pets
    • 18 Enderchest slots
    • NickName
    • Firework Arrows
    • Marriage
    • 1000 Claim block


    Chainmail Set - Enchanted Protection IV, Durability III - $4.99

    • Enchanted Helm - Protection IV, Durability III
    • Enchanted Chest - Protection IV, Durability III
    • Enchanted Legs - Protection IV, Durability III
    • Enchanted Boots - Protection IV, Durability III
    Iron Armor Set $0.99
    • Iron Helm
    • Iron Chest
    • Iron Legs
    • Iron Boots
    Diamond Pickaxe - $0.99
    • x1 Regular Diamond Pickaxe
    Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency V, Durability III, Fortune III - $3.99
    • x1 Diamond Pickaxe Enchanted with Efficiency V, Durability III, Fortune III


    Pets Plugin:

    Marriage Plugin:
    • Marry in minecraft
    • Set homes for you and your partner
    • Private chat
    • Gift items
    • Teleport to your partner
    • View all married couples
    • Kiss your partner (crouch + right click)
    • Have a red heart next to your name
    • Type /marry to see a list of in-game commands
    Firework Arrow:
    • Makes your arrows explode like fireworks! The explosion doesn't do any damage to anything, but looks really cool!
    • To turn it off and on type /fwa toggle
    • Change your name to whatever you want!
    • Put any type of block on your head.
    • Place them on other players heads.
    • Simply select the block you want on your head and type /hat with the block in your hand!
    We are planning on adding MUCH more in the future - and even want your input on what might be some good plugins to add! 


    -|[Things to note]|-


    When purchasing ANY item from the store MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE REQUIRED NUMBER OF INVENTORY SLOTS OPEN This is very important. If your inventory is full, then you will not receive your items. Also, BE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED INTO THE SERVER WHEN YOU CHECK OUT TO AVOID ANY PROBLEMS!


    After you purchase any of the tiers please relog on the server for your VIP permissions to take effect.


    We will be offering two sets of VIP/Donator Groups. They will both give the SAME access to each command, but the difference will be you can have the option to have a monthly subscription, or simply a one time payment. The monthly subscription is for those who want to be generous and donate the same amount each month. This really helps out with the server costs.


    -|[We Want Your Help]|-

    If you find a BUKKIT plugin that you think would be good for the VIP list, please leave a comment in this post with the following format (No other format will be accepted):



    Name of Plugin:
    Description of Plugin:
    URL of Plugin:
    Why you think this should be included on the server:
    Once again, THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING APART OF THIS AWESOME COMMUNITY! I look forward to playing with you guys!


    With Love,




    Payment Gateways Accepted:


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