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    Website moved to new server

    By Christopher,

    Hello my fellow minions,


    I have just successfully transferred the website over to a new and faster server! This means that all those pesky problems you were having with page loads taking FOREVER, and the reply box not loading all the way, all that should be solved now! (Yay!) 


    Some of you may still see the old website, this may take up to 24 hours for what's called our "DNS" to propagate to everyone. So be patient :D


    If you experience any problems please let me know ASAP so I can fix them!


    Thanks for sticking around! You guys are amazing <3


    With love,



    P.S - Reply to this topic with how freaking fast the pages are loading now :P

    Live-stream This Weekend!!!!!

    By Brent,

    Hey all,


    I know that this might not suit everyone (Judging by the times people posted, it's kind of hard to pick one that suits all) but we're having a live stream this weekend!!!!!!


    As part of the live-stream we'll be playing on the Minecraft SMP server mucking around, having fun and hosting some in-game competitions where you can win in-game resources and items.


    Here are the times in different timezones for people:


    12am UTC +0 hours Saturday Morning
    8pm Friday night for New York
    1am for the British (apparently)
    8pm Eastern time (apparently)
    Google time and date conversion and convert from the 12am UTC to see what time/day it will be in your area.
    Hope to see you all there, if the time doesn't suit you, don't worry there'll be more hosted at different times/days soon :)

    The new name is here!

    By Christopher,

    Hello friends!


    As you can see now, the new name has been propagated over and is now http://LodeCentral.com - All forum functions and posts have been moved over and the new skin has been applied! (Yay!) There are still a few things that need to be fixed as far as COMPLETELY transitioning away from the old name. Those fixes will be rolled out within the next few days.


    This is just the start of the things to come! 




    The old URL will cease to exist in the near future and will no longer be used to access this website and the minecraft servers.


    Please use the following site URLS:

    Website: http://LodeCentral.com

    Webstore: http://store.LodeCentral.com

    Minecraft SMP Server: mc.LodeCentral.com or

    Minecraft Factions Server: factions.LodeCentral.com or

    Minecraft Beta Server: beta.LodeCentral.com or


    For those of you that use TapaTalk on your mobile devices to access this forum, you need to search for LodeCentral under the TapaTalk Network. This will allow you to reconnect to the website with TapaTalk. The old name will no longer connect to this forum.


    Thank you all SO much for sticking with us during our transition. It means the world to us!


    Stay tuned for more updates!


    With Love,


    Poll - What Will Our New Name Be?

    By KatieCat,

    Hey guys!


    We've been reading all of your suggestions for a community name and your opinions on the current choices.

    We value every single one of you and your input so far is greatly appreciated! 

    Currently there's no 'winner' with the results of the previous post - the main option chosen was to accept a new name from one of your guy's suggestions.

    This post is to gather all of the more popular suggestions among you and to make a final vote from there. We only chose the ones that were circulating around the most to avoid having a VERY large list (with everyone voting for a different one!).


    The options that have been decided to be put up for vote are as follows:

    1.Lode Central
    2.Monster Nexus
    3.Universal Nexus
    4.Lode Universe
    5.Monster Central
    6.Lode Nexus


    Thanks so much for your suggestions so far guys! Please remember, this isn't the end of our community, but rather just a transition. Whatever new name is chosen, we and our goals and morals stay the same.^^

    As Chris said in the post before me, while some of you may stay and some may leave, all of you are always welcome. <3

    The SAME community, A NEW name.

    By Christopher,

    Hello my friends,

    As you all may very well have noticed, Monica has stepped down from the site and server due to personal reasons. She has some stuff she has to focus on (such as YouTube, her family and much more) and can no longer contribute her time or energy to the site and servers. As a result, she has put her trust in me to keep the community together (this includes maintaining both servers). However, because she is no longer going to be contributing to the community via the website or servers, she has requested that we no longer use her name as a title. She doesn't feel right taking credit for something in which she no longer has input, which is certainly understandable. We are all extremely saddened to see her go, because we all know we wouldn't be where we are now without her help. I am honored that she has chosen me to handle both the server and the website, and I promise to keep this community together as best I possibly can.

    During the next few weeks we will be making some drastic changes to both the server and the website. We will be changing our name to something that the community will vote on here in this thread, as well as the Minecraft servers.

    Do not think of this as the end of the Mooster community, but rather a new beginning. I consider every member here a part of one big family, a family that is simply changing its name but not its ways.

    I know that some of you may leave and some will choose to stick around, but regardless of the decision just remember you are all welcome here.

    We will keep you updated on the events to come, and we have some pretty awesome things in store for you guys! ;)

    Anyways, down to the voting - We have thought of some names we think may suit us as a community but we didn't want to pick for everyone - rather have the community pick for itself.

    Here is the list of names we have come up with so far - Some are pretty neat (others maybe not so much haha)

    LodeCentral (Definition of Lode: Deposit of ore)

    Or, if you have a suggestion of your own for a new name, please let us know in this thread! All names will be considered! (Although nothing inappropriate of course :P)

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