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    By Christopher,

    I just updated the LodeMoney store and added the ability to purchase VIP status on the website.
    Becoming VIP lets you:

    • Have a Purple Colored name (Show off to the community!)
    • Have access to the Secret VIP Forum

    More benefits will be added later! Currently the cost of VIP membership is L10,000 (LodeMoney) and that lasts for 60 days!
    However, any member that donates to the website (using real money) purchasing one of the four available subscriptions ($5 Bronze, $10 Iron, $25 Gold or $50 Diamond) receives VIP for life! So those of you that have already donated are automatically able to reap all of the current and future VIP benefits!
    Many more fun, and awesome benefits will be added to the forum, and to the VIP group in the future so stay tuned!
    As always: With Love,
    P.S: It's now much easier to earn LodeMoney! 
    Here is the current setup of how many points you get PER section you post in as of 11/17/2013
    Announcements - Reply: 15.50
    General Discussion - Start a Topic: 15.00 - Reply: 8.00
    Video Games - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Videos/Images - Start a Topic: 20.00 - Reply: 10.50
    Drawing and Art - Start a Topic: 25.50 - Reply: 15.50
    Vent/Rant - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Report a Problem - Start a Topic: 50.00 - Reply: 10.50
    Website Suggestions - Start a Topic: 25.50 - Reply: 10.00
    Minecraft Discussion - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.50
    Server Suggestions - Start a Topic: 25.50 - Reply: 10.50
    Server Problems - Start a Topic: 30.50 - Reply: 10.00
    Report a Grief - Start a Topic: 15.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Ban Appeal - Start a Topic: -25.00 - Reply: 0.00
    Please note that spamming/posting unrelated topics in forums that give higher points in order to gain points will result in a ban.
    To activate your VIP package, follow these steps:

    • Click the "Lode Store" menu at the top of the page
    • Beneath the Shout Box and Quick Donate button, click the "My Portfolio" tab
    • Click the "My Shop Items" option on the left
    • To the far right of "Promote to VIP for 90 Days", click the folder image under the "More" column
    • Click the "Use Item" button (there might be a few steps after this to confirm)

    I also added a TON (like over 100!!!) Minecraft Emoticons! 
    TNT.png  MobNotch.png  MobPig.png  MobSheep.png  MobSkeleton.png  Bookshelf.png  MobCreeper.png  mossystone.png  pickaxediamond.png  armordiamond.png  MobSpider.png  swordiron.png  Diamond.png  Chest.png
    To use the new emoticons:

    • Create a new topic or reply to an existing topic
    • In the formatting toolbar, click the Emoticon button (circled in red below)
    • Then, click the "Show All" link  under the emoticon bar that appears, or click the arrow at the far right of the emoticon bar to view 20 at a time (circled in green).​
    • Click on an emoticon to insert it into the new post or reply

    Now you can make cool stuff! Check out this house ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent> made with the new emoticons!

    ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>

    LodeCentral Youtube channel is now open!

    By Jessica,

    Hey guys! I'm here to announce the opening of our very own Youtube channel! For now we will just be posting the "Survival series" but hopefully as time goes on we'll have a few different video's going up on a regular basis! :3

    Please if you're reading this could you go and subscribe to the channel! All of us here at LodeCentral would greatly appreciate the help it would bring! Also if its not to much to ask could you try and share our videos around! We need all the support we can get :D
    We hope you enjoy all the content we make for you guys! And have a great day! ^o^

    Link to the channel



    New Event! PokeMMO Gyms!

    By ScottimussPrime,

    We've been trying to promote our new "Event" I suppose you could call it. 


    We will be opening Pokemon Gyms in the world soon and you'll be able to go find our gyms and leave us challenge notes. When we see them we will arrange a time to meet in the game PokeMMO (I'll post step by step instructions on how to install on your PC. Mac I don't know the steps to install.) and if you beat us, you will earn our gym badge and possible rewards in Minecraft. 

    As it stands in no particular order these are the gym trainers. 
    Karli - Fire
    Allen - Fighting

    Brandon - Psychic

    Brent - Normal

    Jessica - Poison

    John - Flying/Dark

    Scott - Water

    Rachel - Grass


    Later we will decide a specific order you'll need to complete these gyms in to get other possible rewards.


    Step 1.)Register
    Go to http://pokemmo.eu/ and register an account name.


    Step 2.)Download

    Go to http://pokemmo.eu/downloads/ and click the bright orange "Download the Client" button. This will take you to a new site. You must click the box marked "I know the risk and wish to download this file." then click the very bottom green "Download" button.

    Step 3.)Location
    Make a file called "PokeMMO" on your desktop and extract what you just downloaded into this new file. (this will require the use of an extractor such as 7-zip or Winzip, both of which are free programs.)


    Step 4.)ROMS
    Find the appropriate ROM files. I have found the files you will need. Just follow these links and instructions and they will work. On all of these links there is a video preview of the gameplay. Under that video there is a "download now" button. This will open a new window with an ad in it, once you wait 10 seconds you can click "download your file" Keep track of where these files go, you will need them in the next step.

    Fire Red- http://coolrom.com/roms/gba/14488/Pokemon_FireRed.php 
    Heart Gold- http://coolrom.com/roms/nds/17310/Pokemon_HeartGold.php
    Soul Silver- http://coolrom.com/roms/nds/17311/Pokemon_SoulSilver.php


    Step 5.)Installation
    Locate the ROMS you downloaded and drag and drop them into your the file named "roms" in your PokeMMO folder.

    Step 6.) Catch Em' All!
    If you followed these step by step instructions you should be ready to go and all set to start your adventure. We look forward to the upcoming battles. Can't wait to see what you guys do with your Pokemon. 

    There are all of the first 151 Pokemon in the game with the exception of the legendary birds, Mew, and Mewtwo. Also, there are a large majority of the Pokemon from the 2nd generation of games (Gold and Silver) So we look forward to seeing the different variations of your team. 

    Note: Some Pokemon are only available once you've beaten the Elite Four.

    Rules: The only rule we really have is that the level range for challenges is Lvl 50- Lvl 60.
    Any violation of this rule will cause the current challenge to be Disqualified. 


    Halloween Event!

    By Allen,

    Halloween is almost here and with that its time for an event. Since you have all been asking and begging to see zombie land, I have decided that for a limited time the parts of zombie land that are finished will open and be full of the undead! BUT that isn't the event, just part of it!! Make sure you mark this down, Oct 30th at 5pm Eastern time (could be earlier depends when i decide to get going) me and the other mods will be spawning swarms of zombies and finding all kinds of ways to murder you guys! PvP will be enabled and some of us may even pop out of creative to join you guys in the slaying of zombies/people. Should be lots of fun! We will only be spawning mobs for a few hours on the 30th, but Zombie Land will be open until Halloween night!

    *If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see happen on this night, make sure to leave some suggestions on this post.*




    Anti-Bully/Harassment Friendly Reminder

    By Christopher,

    Please read the post itself (located here: ) as the announcement page doesn't format properly :) - Brent


    Hey guys,


    We need to take a quick break from our usual joking and silly ways to make an important post to remind people of certain things we don't tolerate in this community.


    We like to think that everyone here can be friends or at least get along with each other. We understand that situations occur where friendships disappear, or people have an argument, but we don't tolerate the following things on the servers or the forums:

    • Bullying
    • Harassment

    To help you identify what is in those two categories here are some examples we've thought up:

    • Swearing at someone via the servers or forums, either publicly or through private message.
    • Spreading rumours about someone else.
    • Trying to turn people against someone else because you're angry at that person.
    • Griefing or constantly ganging up and destroying one person on the SMP or Factions servers.
    • Continually annoying someone via private/public chat on the forums or the servers. This can also include teasing, yelling, being mean or manipulative, or generally just making someone feel uncomfortable.
    • Anything else that targets a person or group of people in a negative way or makes them feel uncomfortable.
    • Using the Live map to spy on people/conversations for the purposes of harassment or bullying.

    If you feel someone is doing any of these things to you and you've asked them to stop and they don't listen, let a mod know through private message. We can see records for public/private server/forum chat and will take action. We have a zero tolerance level for bullying/harassment.


    At the same time though, if you've made a one off joke or comment about someone and you apologise we are happy with that. Unless it is something that continues to happen.


    If someone is found to be bullying or harassing someone then we will generally follow this process:

    1. We give one warning.
    2. If they continue, we will temp ban.
    3. If they come back after the temp ban and continue OR find ways to sneak around it and continue it, it is a permanent ban.

    Sometimes if the case is bad enough we will skip the warning and go straight for a temp ban or ban.


    One final note, we are not responsible for what occurs on Skype. It is up to you to block or ignore them on skype.


    We want everyone to have fun here joking or play-teasing with your friends. It only becomes a problem if it crosses a line.


    Thanks for abiding by the rules and making this community a better place for everyone,


    -LodeCentral Administration

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