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    Second Chance Program

    By Christopher,

    As part of our drive to improve game player behavior as well as the overall experience on our server we have been reviewing our punishment program.


    While reviewing our current policies we have implemented a "Second Chance" program designed to help players reform their behavior and become upstanding members of the community. We understand that toxic players behavior have a negative impact on other players enjoyment of the game but we also appreciate that sometimes people make mistakes and are willing to make up for them.


    To be eligible for this program a player had to meet the following requirements:

    - Banned once only

    - Not banned for scamming, defrauding or taking advantage of other players


    This is a one-time leniency program designed to promote reform. Any repeat offenders will be banned again and this time it will be for good.


    At this time over 800 member accounts have been unbanned, while this may seem like a lot, after much review, many of these players were harshly banned. Since the time of this post we have revised our rules and I suggest you take a look and re-read them.



    Thank you to all of our members who have been helping us make the server a better place for everyone!


    Be sure to check out our new server @ mc.lodecentral.com



    With love,



    LodeCentral Youtube channel

    By Jessica,

    Hey guys! :3 Just a friendly reminder that the staff here at LodeCentral have a youtube channel! Currently we only have one series going "Minecraft: Quest For Survival" But we hope in future to start a few more!
    We try to post on schedule (Monday and Thursday every week) and it would really help us out if you would take some time to check it out and hopefully subscribe.
    Our main goal with this channel is to hopefully attract more people to our little family which will eventully result in better things being added to the server! :D It would really help out the whole community of LodeCentral if you would share the video's around with people you know!

    LodeCentral Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/LodeCentral

    Krista's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBakerbelle
    Scott's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ScottimussPrime

    Thank you for reading! Hope you're all having a great day! ^o^



    By ScottimussPrime,

    Hey guys, I'm looking to make the server a bit more interesting!

    So I'm turning to you guys for a little bit of help. I'm looking into plugins we can install on the server. If you know of any plugins you'd like to see, comment here and we'll take a look and see if they would be a good fit for the server.


    The only requirement of any plugins or mods you put in here is that it must be a server mod. Not a clientside mod.

    So let's hear it guys. What do you have?

    Server Updated to 1.7.2

    By Christopher,

    Greetings friends!


    It has been far too long since I have come around! I recently started graduate school to get my Masters in Computer Science so things have been hectic to say the least! I also just started teaching a few computer classes at my university so that in combination with school has given me very little time!


    However, I decided to buckle down and update the server to 1.7.2, Good news is you can also join the server using 1.7.3 and 1.7.4!!!


    Most of the plugins have been updated, and I have done some custom work on a few others to get the to be compatible with 1.7.2 :D


    Hope to see more of you playing now that the server has been updated!!!!


    Stay tuned for our NEW 1.7.2 SPAWN and HUB SERVER!!!!!!!!!!



    Until next time,





    Minor update: The new Hub world and the 1.7 Spawn have been launched. To get to the hub while on the server type "/warp hub" This will take you to a location where you can choose which server you wish to play on.


    By Christopher,

    I just updated the LodeMoney store and added the ability to purchase VIP status on the website.
    Becoming VIP lets you:

    • Have a Purple Colored name (Show off to the community!)
    • Have access to the Secret VIP Forum

    More benefits will be added later! Currently the cost of VIP membership is L10,000 (LodeMoney) and that lasts for 60 days!
    However, any member that donates to the website (using real money) purchasing one of the four available subscriptions ($5 Bronze, $10 Iron, $25 Gold or $50 Diamond) receives VIP for life! So those of you that have already donated are automatically able to reap all of the current and future VIP benefits!
    Many more fun, and awesome benefits will be added to the forum, and to the VIP group in the future so stay tuned!
    As always: With Love,
    P.S: It's now much easier to earn LodeMoney! 
    Here is the current setup of how many points you get PER section you post in as of 11/17/2013
    Announcements - Reply: 15.50
    General Discussion - Start a Topic: 15.00 - Reply: 8.00
    Video Games - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Videos/Images - Start a Topic: 20.00 - Reply: 10.50
    Drawing and Art - Start a Topic: 25.50 - Reply: 15.50
    Vent/Rant - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Report a Problem - Start a Topic: 50.00 - Reply: 10.50
    Website Suggestions - Start a Topic: 25.50 - Reply: 10.00
    Minecraft Discussion - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.50
    Server Suggestions - Start a Topic: 25.50 - Reply: 10.50
    Server Problems - Start a Topic: 30.50 - Reply: 10.00
    Report a Grief - Start a Topic: 15.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Ban Appeal - Start a Topic: -25.00 - Reply: 0.00
    Please note that spamming/posting unrelated topics in forums that give higher points in order to gain points will result in a ban.
    To activate your VIP package, follow these steps:

    • Click the "Lode Store" menu at the top of the page
    • Beneath the Shout Box and Quick Donate button, click the "My Portfolio" tab
    • Click the "My Shop Items" option on the left
    • To the far right of "Promote to VIP for 90 Days", click the folder image under the "More" column
    • Click the "Use Item" button (there might be a few steps after this to confirm)

    I also added a TON (like over 100!!!) Minecraft Emoticons! 
    TNT.png  MobNotch.png  MobPig.png  MobSheep.png  MobSkeleton.png  Bookshelf.png  MobCreeper.png  mossystone.png  pickaxediamond.png  armordiamond.png  MobSpider.png  swordiron.png  Diamond.png  Chest.png
    To use the new emoticons:

    • Create a new topic or reply to an existing topic
    • In the formatting toolbar, click the Emoticon button (circled in red below)
    • Then, click the "Show All" link  under the emoticon bar that appears, or click the arrow at the far right of the emoticon bar to view 20 at a time (circled in green).​
    • Click on an emoticon to insert it into the new post or reply

    Now you can make cool stuff! Check out this house ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent> made with the new emoticons!

    ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>

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