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    Part 2!

    By Jessica,

    Hey Guys! Here is the second epsiode in the new series on the LodeCentral Channel! Hope you enjoy :D


    Please Like, Comment, Share and subscribe if you enjoy! Love you all lots! <3


    Regarding Enderchest Problems

    By Brandon,

    Hey guys, since it's taking a bit longer than we had hoped I just thought I'd address the possible problems some people may be having with their enderchests.


    Basically the server uses a plugin called better enderchest that when updated sometimes causes problems with what people had loaded in their enderchests. Since this has happened before in previous updates we did already make backups of them though so hopefully the problem shouldn't be too difficult to resolve once Chris has the time to do it.


    Additionally, if anyone who's enderchest stuff is missing or was reset could post on this thread about it, I will add you to the list of people who were affected. If for some reason we can't directly reload the backups I will personally go through everyone on this list and replace their items by hand so there shouldn't be anything to worry about.


    Something to keep in mind in the meantime though is that in case the backups are directly reloaded, you may not want to place anything new in your enderchests so that stuff isn't at risk; if you're using your enderchest for a build or something of the sort I would suggest just making sure you unload it each time before logging off.


    Again there shouldn't be anything to worry about and the problem will be resolved soon; thank you for being patient and for being such an awesome community :D.

    It's here! :3

    By Jessica,

    Guys be excited! The new survival island series is here! :DD The first episode was posted today and there will be many more to come! If you enjoy it, It would be amazing if you could like, Comment and share the video!

    LC - Escape the Island Ep.1: Rescue Mission



    A New Series!

    By Jessica,

    Hey Guys! Long time no see! I'm just gonna leave a little trailer here for a new series starting up on the LodeCentral channel! Check it out if you can! :3







    By ScottimussPrime,

    Hey guys, so a few of us have been messing around on a different server for funsies, and I wanted to bring this idea to you guys. I want to start a LodeCentral Pixelmon server. I know there are a lot of you who enjoy Pokemon, and there are even more of you who enjoy minecraft, but let's be honest. SMP minecraft can get pretty boring if there aren't new things happening.


    So I want to start a Pixelmon server, the only requirement is it will be a mod server, so you will have to install a couple of mods in order to connect. Mainly just Minecraft Forge, and the Pixelmon Mod itself. 


    My idea with this server is to bring more content to you guys. Gym badges, weekly tournaments, plus with the mod there are over 400 Pokemon currently available and they're constantly updating and putting more in.


    The reason for this post is to see if you guys would be interested in something like this. So please, let me know. If this is something you want, we want to get this rolling as soon as possible!


    Thanks, Scott!  :sworddiamond:

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