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    Website Help

    By Christopher,

    In  this section I will be adding videos to teach users how to do certain things on the website. After getting many messages from users, I decided to make a topic explaining all the basic functions of the website. If you have any other problems, or need help with anything else please let me know by replying to this topic.


    Creating an Account and Posting



    Some Website Fun

    By Christopher,

    So as some of you may have seen, I have made the website a little more interesting. I have added an "Arcade Section" and a "MooMoney" section.


    With the arcade, there are many games that can be played from pac-man to snake. We will be adding games as we see fit. The point of this section is to just give our moosters some extra fun while on the forum and to compete with your fellow moosters to have the highest score!


    The MooMoney is a little something I added that members get "Point" or "MooMoney" for each post they make. As of now, you can't do much with the points, however in the future we may add things you can buy with them!


    These points will fluctuate based on how popular a forum is. The more we need posts in a certain section, the more points you will get for posting in that section.


    Here is the current setup of how many points you get PER section you post in as of 3/8/2013:



    Announcements - Reply: 5.50
    General Discussion - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.75
    Videos - Start a Topic: 5.75 - Reply: 4.25
    Fan Art - Start a Topic: 12.80 - Reply: 3.85
    Report a Problem - Start a Topic: 15.00 - Reply: 3.25
    Website Suggestions - Start a Topic: 5.60 - Reply: 2.30
    Minecraft Discussion - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.50
    Server Suggestions - Start a Topic: 8.50 - Reply: 6.25
    Server Problems - Start a Topic: 11.25 - Reply: 3.25
    Ban Appeal - Start a Topic: -5.00 - Reply: 0.00
    Alan Wake - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Amnesia - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Call of Duty - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    The Binding of Isaac - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    League of Legends - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Portal and Portal 2 - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Slender - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Misc - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00


    Please note that just because you gain more points in the "Report a Problem" section DOES NOT mean you can spam this section. Only RELEVANT topics may be posted.


    UPDATE: Just added a website chatroom. Feel free to check it out!

    TapaTalk Added to the Forums

    By Christopher,

    As per request, TapaTalk has been added to the forums.



    What is TapaTalk?

    Tapatalk is a mobile app built specifically for forum access. Different from mobile skin or mobile version that comes with the forum system, Tapatalk allows user to have a unified interface to access multiple forums at the same time. 




    New Website and Forums! <3

    By MissMoonica,

    Thanks to donations we were able to get this better website and forums and will continue to work on it! It will start to include blog posts from me on the main page and updates of my life, my Youtube, the Minecraft server, etc. Thanks so much for all the support and have fun!

    Custom Server Settings = No Lag

    By Christopher,
    At last your voices have been heard. After all of the complaining about lag comments I finally decided to do something about it.
    At 3 o'clock PM I decided that the lag on the server was getting a bit ridiculous. So I sat in my chair for 5 hours straight researching different ways to manipulate the server that would result in a good outcome for all the users. After painstaking error after error I finally formulated a solution. We now are running at max performance.
    Things that you will notice:
    Little to no player lag - Players should now flow smoothly from point A to point B instead of skipping like before.
    Farms will now grow 5-10 times faster
    Lava and Water will now flow seamlessly
    Fighting mobs are 10x more responsive
    Animals now walk seamlessly with no lag
    Block lag has been reduced by over 50%
    You all can now enjoy a lag free server with 50+ people 
    If you should run into any errors please do let me know by PM'ing me the details. The server modifications I have made are VERY significant and required modding of the servers core functions, so there might be some things that you all may run into.
    Until next time!

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