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    Beta Server up

    By Christopher,

    I just launched a beta server that can hold approximately 15 people. It is a duplicate world except I have it loaded on a completely different server. This is a HIGHLY unstable version of minecraft. From now on all testing will be done on this server to ensure that the main server always keeps a stable version. Anything you do on this server WILL NOT affect the regular server.  I need you guys to report any and all bugs you run into so I can resolve them before updating the main server.
    Server Address: beta.missmoonica.com
    Server Version: 1.5.2
    Server Build Number: RC834
    Known Issues:

    • Crafting Fixed
    • Shopkeepers plugin broken.


    3/14/13: Updated to build 627 - Rename ambiguous methods
    3/15/13: Updated to build 643 - Fix isDamaged check for backwards compat
    3/17/13: Updated to build 661 - Automatically update upstream versions
    3/19/13: Updated to build 678 - Updated le patches so that they may henceforth apply cleanly without errors due to the last upstream commit.
    3/20/13: Updated to build 682 - Update Bukkit version.
    3/20/13: Updated to build 689 - Updated version to 1.5.1 - Automatically update upstream versions.
    3/27/13: Updated to build 735 - Close Minecart containers on Entity portal, Revert second addition to boat sending patch.
    5/02/13: Updated to build 834 - Major Update to 1.5.2

    Please post any and all bugs you run into here.
    Also, this server is a very low budget server so you may experience lag - This is not due to the actual server build. Please do not report lag as a bug.


    Server is extremely unstable!


    BETA Server Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2

    Please report all bugs you find!

    Server Update

    By Christopher,

    Minecraft 1.5 is probably going to hit this Thursday, and we need to be prepared, so I have included a snapshot-protocol option in the configuration. When enabled, this will make our server appear to be a server running the latest Minecraft snapshot build (in this case 1.5). That way if you do update your minecraft, you will still be able to join our 1.4.7 server. Also, in this update there have been many more network protocols implemented, this means that lag should be decreased even more.


    • Added 15 new games to the Arcade.
    • Updated server network protocols (Less Lag)
    • Item frames now properly load ingame
    • Added snapshot-protocol to fake Minecraft 1.5 when it is released
    • Fixed Multiverse map permissions.




    The snapshot-protocol was causing a lot of issues for players so I have disabled it. The new server API for craftbukkit just released about 10 minutes ago - It will take about 5-10 hours for me to get a working version that is compatible with the 1.5 update. I will be working really hard to get all users back online. So for now I would refrain from updating to 1.5 - If you have already upgraded please follow this guide to downgrade back to version 1.4.7:





    Website Help

    By Christopher,

    In  this section I will be adding videos to teach users how to do certain things on the website. After getting many messages from users, I decided to make a topic explaining all the basic functions of the website. If you have any other problems, or need help with anything else please let me know by replying to this topic.


    Creating an Account and Posting



    Some Website Fun

    By Christopher,

    So as some of you may have seen, I have made the website a little more interesting. I have added an "Arcade Section" and a "MooMoney" section.


    With the arcade, there are many games that can be played from pac-man to snake. We will be adding games as we see fit. The point of this section is to just give our moosters some extra fun while on the forum and to compete with your fellow moosters to have the highest score!


    The MooMoney is a little something I added that members get "Point" or "MooMoney" for each post they make. As of now, you can't do much with the points, however in the future we may add things you can buy with them!


    These points will fluctuate based on how popular a forum is. The more we need posts in a certain section, the more points you will get for posting in that section.


    Here is the current setup of how many points you get PER section you post in as of 3/8/2013:



    Announcements - Reply: 5.50
    General Discussion - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.75
    Videos - Start a Topic: 5.75 - Reply: 4.25
    Fan Art - Start a Topic: 12.80 - Reply: 3.85
    Report a Problem - Start a Topic: 15.00 - Reply: 3.25
    Website Suggestions - Start a Topic: 5.60 - Reply: 2.30
    Minecraft Discussion - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.50
    Server Suggestions - Start a Topic: 8.50 - Reply: 6.25
    Server Problems - Start a Topic: 11.25 - Reply: 3.25
    Ban Appeal - Start a Topic: -5.00 - Reply: 0.00
    Alan Wake - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Amnesia - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Call of Duty - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    The Binding of Isaac - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    League of Legends - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Portal and Portal 2 - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Slender - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00
    Misc - Start a Topic: 10.00 - Reply: 5.00


    Please note that just because you gain more points in the "Report a Problem" section DOES NOT mean you can spam this section. Only RELEVANT topics may be posted.


    UPDATE: Just added a website chatroom. Feel free to check it out!

    TapaTalk Added to the Forums

    By Christopher,

    As per request, TapaTalk has been added to the forums.



    What is TapaTalk?

    Tapatalk is a mobile app built specifically for forum access. Different from mobile skin or mobile version that comes with the forum system, Tapatalk allows user to have a unified interface to access multiple forums at the same time. 




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