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    In all honesty I don't do much. Unfortunately this summer has gotten off to a rather crappy start. Hopefully theses next 2 months will be better. I haven't really had a free summer in the past 2 years, it's mostly my fault cause I'm up to my neck in school cause I'm rather slow when it comes to getting school done. I hope to have August of this year off. As for this summer I have a few plans, I'm in 2 Dungeons & Dragons groups. One with 4 people and the other with some where around 14 people ( ) (which I haven't met most if them and the ones I have met are my uncle and my cousins). My cousins have been over off on for the past month and will most likely be back again. For the most part I hope to burn through school in July and have all of August free. Then starts high school. Oh talos have mercy on my soul.