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New Event! PokeMMO Gyms!

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We've been trying to promote our new "Event" I suppose you could call it. 


We will be opening Pokemon Gyms in the world soon and you'll be able to go find our gyms and leave us challenge notes. When we see them we will arrange a time to meet in the game PokeMMO (I'll post step by step instructions on how to install on your PC. Mac I don't know the steps to install.) and if you beat us, you will earn our gym badge and possible rewards in Minecraft. 

As it stands in no particular order these are the gym trainers. 
Karli - Fire
Allen - Fighting

Brandon - Psychic

Brent - Normal

Jessica - Poison

John - Flying/Dark

Scott - Water

Rachel - Grass


Later we will decide a specific order you'll need to complete these gyms in to get other possible rewards.


Step 1.)Register
Go to http://pokemmo.eu/ and register an account name.


Step 2.)Download

Go to http://pokemmo.eu/downloads/ and click the bright orange "Download the Client" button. This will take you to a new site. You must click the box marked "I know the risk and wish to download this file." then click the very bottom green "Download" button.

Step 3.)Location
Make a file called "PokeMMO" on your desktop and extract what you just downloaded into this new file. (this will require the use of an extractor such as 7-zip or Winzip, both of which are free programs.)


Step 4.)ROMS
Find the appropriate ROM files. I have found the files you will need. Just follow these links and instructions and they will work. On all of these links there is a video preview of the gameplay. Under that video there is a "download now" button. This will open a new window with an ad in it, once you wait 10 seconds you can click "download your file" Keep track of where these files go, you will need them in the next step.

Fire Red- http://coolrom.com/roms/gba/14488/Pokemon_FireRed.php 
Heart Gold- http://coolrom.com/roms/nds/17310/Pokemon_HeartGold.php
Soul Silver- http://coolrom.com/roms/nds/17311/Pokemon_SoulSilver.php


Step 5.)Installation
Locate the ROMS you downloaded and drag and drop them into your the file named "roms" in your PokeMMO folder.

Step 6.) Catch Em' All!
If you followed these step by step instructions you should be ready to go and all set to start your adventure. We look forward to the upcoming battles. Can't wait to see what you guys do with your Pokemon. 

There are all of the first 151 Pokemon in the game with the exception of the legendary birds, Mew, and Mewtwo. Also, there are a large majority of the Pokemon from the 2nd generation of games (Gold and Silver) So we look forward to seeing the different variations of your team. 

Note: Some Pokemon are only available once you've beaten the Elite Four.

Rules: The only rule we really have is that the level range for challenges is Lvl 50- Lvl 60.
Any violation of this rule will cause the current challenge to be Disqualified. 


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Sounds good, but just 2 quick things so people don't get confused though.


As I said in my previous pokemmo post I'm actually not going to be using a psychic type team yet because I'm saving that account in case Brent and I do more play through streaming. As for the the team I am using I can tell you it is none of those types listed above but I think I'm gonna keep it a surprise for my first challenger ;D. D;


Also there are actually some, but not a lot of generation 3 pokemon in game as well but they're often a little harder to get your hands on then the others. Another rule I wanted to clarify since Pokemmo's multiplayer does allow this so just to get this in writing: 


The usage of items in a battle against us is against the rules. Anyone using an item automatically forfeits the challenge (this of course also means if any of us accidentally use an item in the battle then with some review you may automatically win after that point).


Happy training and hope to see some trainers who are prepped for anything when they challenge me ;D.



P. S. Just to clarify in the future, when my psychic type team is complete everyone will be able to challenge either account for a gym battle and can even challenge both as two separate gyms.

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I keep getting this what do I do I looked in the roms folder and there's nothing in there but a folder named "..." that when I click on it just redirects me back to the PokeMMO thing.


(Also it said I'm not allowed to use imgur on this community so the link is here: http://imgur.com/DTNxACj )

And in case you are too lazy to look it says

Could not find a valid rom.
A supported rom is required to be in the roms folder.

The rom must be fully extracted and not in the zip folder.


Currently supported roms:

Fire Red v1.0 USA

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