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Server Map Download - I know you all have been waiting!

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Okay, so before we decided to blow up the server and set everything on fire we made a backup for users so they could still have access to their homes and buildings. In order to use the map locally you will need to unzip it into your minecraft folder. If you are having trouble figuring out how to do this let me know and I will explain it. Also, I know many of you have no idea what the coordinates of your homes are, and that exploring and searching for it would take forever since the world is so big. That is why we included the ZPort /sethome file - The file is a HUGE list of names and home coordinates.

For example - To find out Monica's coords you would open the "World" file and search for "MissMoonica" and you would find the following information:

MissMoonica	world	MissMoonica	2163.033003	64.5625	3642.476047	8.250023	270.4642

So the numbers would be the coordinates on the map of where the home would be. Then you can hit F3 in game to pull up the debug menu to see the X, Y and Z coordinates.

If you all have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Here is the downloads:

Map ~3GB in size:


Coordinates File:




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I downloaded the world and tried searching for my name and i cant find my username or nickname. My username was Insanityxhammer and my nickname was Grant bc I was a donator. If you could get back to me and help me find all my old coordinates that'd be greatly appreciated! This server will forever be my favorite.

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