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Annual Mia Hello

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Hi guys it's my annual checkup on the website so hello and yeah, I can't sleep and i need to help at the school tomorrow. rip me.

Anyway, I've been really busy and stuff over the year and I'm really happy with all the stuff I've done! Oh and my birthday is in 3 days or something.

For a bit of info on what I've been doing there's this: https://soundcloud.com/meerkatmia/sets/original-compositions

and umm... yeah that's it. I mean I have the John Philip Sousa award and Director's Award at my school and then I went to state on my four-mallet marimba solo so yay. Just musical like things ^-^ Oh and I'm drum major at my school now. and if you don't know what any of that stuff is well oh well. but I'm really proud of that stuff so... yeah...

anyway I miss you guys sometimes and like to think about all the fun times with all the fun people ^-^ I wouldn't want to go back because I like where I am now but I do miss the silly jokes we made. I certainly don't miss those dead silent calls though where nobody talked because that sucked a lot and that doesn't happen to me anymore XD 

Oh and I'm silver II on NA on league of legends. Get on my level. (I failed promos rip)

And yeah..

Best wishes,

Amada Mia or MeerkatMia

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