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Love you <3... Wifi be like....

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Hey, Lode central

it's been a while...


                  Hey so it's been a while, and i'm having trouble with like the internet connection/Multiplayer wifi technical stuff. So i've been having trouble for like 6 months now where i can't go on anything multiplayer and it just wont connect. I'm pretty sure it's my wifi since it's been going on for quite a while after we got a new router. I really want to play on the server but it just doesn't let me, So just to let you know i haven't been avoiding you and all just super busy and the free time i have... i want to play with u guys but i can't. If you can give me advice that be great, I'm not good with like technical stuff so if you could explain it detailed-ly that would be great. If you dont know whats going on that's okay i've learned to kind of get used to it and it's not your fault! I love you guyyyysss!   :D 



                                                     Virtual hug!

                                                    Lode central kisses!

                                                      Sammi :3 <3

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