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Recent Downtime

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the recent downtime. We were getting hit by a 500GB DDoS all because I exposed an exploit and flaw in the LizardSquad DDoS tool website. I posted it on twitter and the tweet went semi-viral and got posted on a security website where they acknowledged me for exploiting their system. That really made the LizardSquad (s)kids angry and since then they have been DDoSing my servers. 

No worries now though, I have moved over to a way more powerful DDoS protected server. We shouldn't have anymore downtime :)


The reason I posted the exploit was because LizardSquad was responsible for taking down Sony and Microsoft on Christmas. They are terrible people and should be brought to justice.


Anyways, we are back up and running!


Note: This attack did not affect our Minecraft server, only our website.

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