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The Tornado Finale Part 1

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Hey guys sorry this is SOOOOOOOOOO late anyways since this story is SUPER Long i am putting the finale in 3 parts! so enjoy part 1 of The Tornado Finale! 


The Tornado FINALE Part 1



The day that everyone feared for finally came. Everyone was freaking out,crying,saying goodbye. I was super scared I was crying. Jess,Tash,Kelsey,and Krista were calming me down. "Mariah it's going to be okay." Kelsey said. "How do you know Kelsey we all might die?" I said. "Look when I was with Jordan he said he doesn't want to kill everyone the only people he wants to kill is you,Christopher, and Jonus." She said "Thanks Kelsey that makes me feel so much better." I said rolling my eyes. "Look we all know you have a plan to save us." She said. "yeah but I don't know if it's gonna work." I said. "Mariah whatever you need us to do we will do it." Jess said. "Alright Krista gather up the mods,Christopher and Jonus tell them to come in here oh also bring Jack too." I said. "Yes Mariah." Krista said. She goes out of the room and comes back 5 minutes later with the mods, Christopher,Jonus and Jack. "Yes Mariah what's up?" Dan said. "Alright." I said. "Kelsey has informed that Jordan only wants to kill me,Christopher and Jonus." I said. "Well um that's nice." Jonus and Christopher said rolling their eyes. "But don't worry I have a plan to make sure we don't die." I said. "What's the plan? everyone said. I told them the plan. "Well what do you guys think?" I said. "Mariah that plan might actually work!" Brandon said. "You guys really think so?" I said. "Yes we do." Brent said. "Okay then lets go tell everyone else." I said. "Jonus make an announcement and tell everyone to gather and build as many weapons as they can and armor hurry we don't have much time." I said. "Yes Mariah." Jonus said rushing out. "Okay lets do the same." I said to everyone else in the room. "On it Mariah." They said rushing out behind Jonus. "Mariah what about you?" Tash said. "Don't worry about me just focus on the task at hand." I said. Tash nodded and left the room Kelsey followed her out the door. I get off my bed and open my chest and put on armor and gathered and made weapons. I also grab alot of potions as we will need them. I put them in my backpack. I walk out of the room and went to where Jonus was. "Jonus?" I said. "Yes Mariah?" Jonus said."I just want to say thank you for helping me deactivate the windmills." I said. "Your welcome Mariah." He said. "Alright im going to make an announcement and letting everyone know to go to Jess and get potions." I said. "Mariah I can do it if you want." Jonus said. "Sure Jonus go ahead." I said. "Alright everyone listen up!" Jonus said. everyone stopped what they were doing and look at Jonus. "Okay everyone make sure to go to Jess and get potions because we might get split up in battle so we need as many potions as possible and hurry we don't have much time alright before you go and do that Mariah has something to say." Jonus said. "Thank you Jonus." I said. "Alright I know today is a day that might be our last but I know we can do it,it has been an honor to me to be your guys leader I would like to thank Christopher,Jonus, Krista,Jack,and the mods for helping me through this." I said. "Okay time is running out get last minute stuff and meet me and the others at the door." I said. Everyone nodded and went to grab stuff. I went to the door and soon all the mods and Christopher and Jonus were at the door. "Are you guys ready?" I asked. "Yes Mariah how about you? They asked. "I am ready." Soon everyone was at the door. "Alright." I said. "Lets walk out with our heads held high till we get to the arena." I said. "Lets chance who doesn't have armor?" Jonus asked. No one shooked their heads. "Alright lets get going. We walk out the door ready for battle. 



To be continued in The Tornado Finale Part 2!


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