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So, I'm not sure any of you remember me (and for anyone who has joined since 2014, you have no idea who I am) but I know at least Julia or Amber will...I hope so....but yeah, I'm still alive and im kinda depressed (but only a little) and I knew if I came back, someone would be happy to talk to me, you can (and I'd love to meet some new people :3 ) (and if you decide to talk to me,I won't be all sappy and stuff, I'll probably come off as energetic, which I kinda am :P )

~ Love


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Yay :) I was a little scared I was gonna be an awkward old person that no one remembers. And btw why I'm "depressed" (I put that in quotation marks is because I'm just a little less happy than I usually am) is because I hate people, love animals. And I also have to clean today :/ but I realized sleeping makes me happy. Uh yeah. I also just finished a musical. First one in my life. I can't sing. We did Annie and I got the party of a crybaby, which is no surprise :P so deres my little update (I'm not gonna lie I missed Amber the most but I love all of you....) bye..... I guess

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