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Wrong Answer

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This is a little game to answer the question in the previous reply with a wrong answer.  Then ask a question of your own! :3


For example:

  1. How many eggs are in a dozen?
  2. However many fit into your mouth!  How long will I sleep tonight?
  3. Long enough for the fire department to respond to your snoring!  Where will I find true love?
  4. At Fight Club.  Why does your dog hate my cat?
  5. Because dinosaurs are real.

Let's begin!


How do I know when the turkey is done roasting?

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XD christanmingle XD lol  oh eat the speech


and um how do I eat pizza with my nose o-o

I don't see why Christian migle has interesting people I mean there so up tight about gays I mean GOD LET T..... wait this is wrong answer so o-o my bad but really let up on the gays o-o (.-. this is why I consider budisum some days)

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