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  2. Memories

    Hey! I was Pineappleforfun if you remember. I’m just posting this as to sorta thank you guys for being my first real friend group/server when I was younger. Obviously, I spammed a lot and was not that good at behaving but still, I have a lot of memories from this server, so thanks! Post here if you want to share some of your memories as well or whatever idk
  3. yo WHAT the ****

  4. Idk why I’m looking at this rn But if anyone ever reads this, just know that this server was awesome even though I was a complete troll. :) 

  5. yo WHAT the ****

  6. This place is a ******* ghost town

    Monica has a discord, add me and I'll invite you. Username is cuppa차#2525
  7. This place is a ******* ghost town

    I'd be down to reconnect with some of you if you still remember me
  8. This place is a ******* ghost town

    yea that'd be cool. anyone else on board?
  9. This place is a ******* ghost town

    We should make a Discord server.
  10. This place is a ******* ghost town

    Hey guys. I really miss this server & community & id be soooo down to make another server with either the old worlds or even just a new server with the same ppl. Id home host it or something like that. Its an idea iv had but i didnt know if anyone would actually be down to play it. I still explore the old server worlds sometimes lol. Let me know what yall think
  11. I downloaded the world and tried searching for my name and i cant find my username or nickname. My username was Insanityxhammer and my nickname was Grant bc I was a donator. If you could get back to me and help me find all my old coordinates that'd be greatly appreciated! This server will forever be my favorite.
  12. This place is a ******* ghost town

    Who even knows
  13. This place is a ******* ghost town

    He liviiiin dude how is this place like still up
  14. World Download

    Hey guys! It's been a while. Much love. Here is the map world files that you can download and import: SMP 1.7: https://mega.nz/#!SY8HXAbT!ldrupTVo1q1OSudbsIPNULdxP-7qDJ_ICo5CdlWE1dM World: https://mega.nz/#!zF92SbZT!52ZqTqWIm6Jt2crhuO3p1E7Mwekxo-LYzSMVp76MQIc
  15. yo WHAT the ****

    yo dawg
  16. how is this place still alive

    OMG INBD (we love you)
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