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    what yall upto
  3. Another Nostalgia Post

    I miss this place. These were the days. I redownload minecraft today, crazy how different it is now. Yet it's still the same too. I wish I could go back to when this place was fuel of life. I'm not sure if it's nostalgia or if it really was, but I remember this place being so special, so unique. It was just wholesome, open minded and diverse. **** maybe it wasn't and it all just in my head, but it sure makes the past seem so much brighter. It's a shame this place died, though I guess it was inevitable.
  4. Memories :,)

    I just got reminded of this server by one of my friends and I wanna say that I miss yall. This server gave me some of the best moments of my childhood, I started playing in 7th grade now I'm graduating from highschool this year and just wanted to say that whoever reads this, yall are awesome.
  5. Memories

    Hey Pine! I'm glad this was something you will cherish in your memories forever! I too have made many friends on the internet throughout the years. A good community can help you grow in many ways. Keep good people around Cheers!
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