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  2. hey its susanpink or maybe u remember me as zoe or susan. idk if anyone comes on here lol but i came here just like out of curiosity i guess? and i saw its still up and sometimes ppl come on every like couple months or so but i really really loved it here and i played when i was still in middle school and i just graduated from high school and im going into my first year of university at the end of september. ive been playing a bunch of mc recently and i remembered how much i used to use this forum and play on the lodecentral server my discord is plum#0791 and my twitter is @catturpie when u add me message me who u r so i remember u
  3. ay

    what yall upto
  4. Another Nostalgia Post

    I miss this place. These were the days. I redownload minecraft today, crazy how different it is now. Yet it's still the same too. I wish I could go back to when this place was fuel of life. I'm not sure if it's nostalgia or if it really was, but I remember this place being so special, so unique. It was just wholesome, open minded and diverse. **** maybe it wasn't and it all just in my head, but it sure makes the past seem so much brighter. It's a shame this place died, though I guess it was inevitable.
  5. Memories :,)

    I just got reminded of this server by one of my friends and I wanna say that I miss yall. This server gave me some of the best moments of my childhood, I started playing in 7th grade now I'm graduating from highschool this year and just wanted to say that whoever reads this, yall are awesome.
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