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    Memories :,)

    By Tarantula_kid52,

    I just got reminded of this server by one of my friends and I wanna say that I miss yall. This server gave me some of the best moments of my childhood, I started playing in 7th grade now I'm graduating from highschool this year and just wanted to say that whoever reads this, yall are awesome. :)

    World Download

    By Christopher,

    Hey guys! It's been a while. Much love.

    Here is the map world files that you can download and import:

    SMP 1.7:


    A Few More Notes on the Site Update

    By Brandon,

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to make a few things clearer regarding the update for the forums.

    1. As you can tell by me posting this in announcements instead, we do not currently have a shoutbox, but Christopher has already requested it so we will have it back as soon as the developers finish it, so it will be coming back, don't worry

    2. If you're having log in problems, the log in is no longer username based. To log in either use your display name from the forums or the email you used to sign up; your password should still be the same.

    3. By the way, the chat room is back :D so feel free to use that

    Anyways, hope this helped; we'll keep you guys updated as things are added back :D.

    Updated to Latest Forum Software

    By Christopher,

    Hey guys,

    I just updated the forum to the latest version of the Forum software. It's quite different, but the performance is much faster. 

    The theme we had is lost, which is a bummer because I like it - however, once a Minecraft theme get's made for this forum I will update it!

    Thanks :)


    Server Back Online

    By Christopher,

    Just migrated the forums back to my main server and was able to get the minecraft server back online.


    Sorry it took so long :)


    Love you guys!


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